Membership Information & FAQ

As a RAV member you have access to many great benefits, including discounted insurance options. To get the most out of your membership, please read the below information.


How to apply

Apply online here.

For Individuals applying, we recommend allowing 20 mins to complete your application. You will be asked to complete payment via PayPal. If you choose not to use PayPal you will be sent an invoice 4-10 business days after your application has been submitted.

For Organisations applying, we recommend allowing 30-45 minutes to complete your online application. You will be invoiced if approved.

How long will your application take to be finalised?

Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for membership applications to be finalised. Some insurance applications need to be referred to the Insurance Broker and may require 2-4 weeks to finalise.

The Membership Team at Regional Arts Victoria will make sure you have submitted the required supporting documents and for organisations, we will check your application against the four eligibility criteria. They will contact you for any further information required – usually for insurance applications.

If approved, Organisations will be invoiced for the relevant amount.

Once paid and finalised, you will receive Certificates of Currency for insurance (if applicable) and login details for the website, where you can access other Membership Benefits.

What will you need to apply for insurance?

Individual Members

If you are applying for General Liability Insurance ($30m coverage), please carefully read the Policy Documents available on our website and contact the insurance broker if required, to ensure that the coverage is suitable for you.If you are opting in for General Liability Insurance, please prepare:

  1. Details of previous insurance claims
  2. Any parties that require noting on the insurance policy

The following supporting documentation is required if you intend to present a major
public event with more than 2,000 people in attendance:

  • Risk Management Plan

Organisation Members

If you are applying for

  • General Liability Insurance ($30m coverage)
  • Association Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident Insurance for Volunteer Workers

Please carefully read the Policy documents available on our website and contact the insurance broker if required, to ensure that the coverage is suitable for you. Please upload PDF supporting documents if possible. Please ensure you have the following information:

  1. Contact details for the organisation
  2. An assigned main contact person for your Membership
  3. Contact details for the President, Secretary and Treasurer
  4. An assigned voter for Regional Arts Victoria Annual General Meetings (and their contact details)
  5. Year the organisation formed
  6. Gross Annual Income (or a budget if the organisation is new) read more on this here
  7. Estimated number of activities/events per annum, and number of audience members who attend your events per annum
  8. Number of members and volunteers, as well as estimated number of volunteer hours per annum

If you are opting in for General Liability Insurance, please prepare:

  1. Details of previous insurance claims
  2. Any parties that require noting on the insurance policy

The following supporting documentation is required from Organisation Membership applicants:

  1. Certificate of Incorporation – find yours online
  2. Audited Financial Statements or other Financial Statements if you are not required to obtain audited statements (or first annual budget if the organisation is new)
  3. Risk Management Plan (if the organisation intends to present a major public event with more than 2,000 people in attendance)
  4. Optional – completed DUAL AL Form (as a PDF) to access Association Liability Insurance at no additional cost
What counts as a not-for-profit or charitable organisation?

The Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission website states that “a not-for-profit is an organisation that does not operate for the profit, personal gain or other benefit of particular people (for example, its members, the people who run it or their friends or relatives). The definition of not-for-profit applies both while the organisation is
operating and if it ‘winds up’ (closes down).” More information can be found on the ACNC website.

Where can I find my Certificate of Incorporation?

If the organisation has misplaced its original Certificate of Incorporation, the organisation may supply a PDF or printed copy of their listing on Consumer Affairs Victoria’s register of incorporated associations.

  1. Search Consumer Affairs Victoria’s register of incorporated associations
  2. Click on the name of your organisation
  3. Either print or save the webpage as a PDF
  4. Upload this file as supporting documentation when submitting the application

Renewing Membership

When do members renew?

Everyone renews at the same time each year for the coming October to October yearly membership cycle. We send a renewal reminder around June-July each year, this outlines the specific due dates for the renewal period between July and October.

What is the renewal process?

The renewal process occurs as follows:

  • Submit online renewal form as soon as you receive your first reminder*
  • Please let us know if you do not receive a confirmation of submission
  • Complete payment by the due date.*
  • Individuals pay via PayPal (you do not need to have a PayPal account to pay by debit/credit card). If you do not want to use PayPal, simply close your browser when you come to the PayPal log-in page. We will receive your application and issue payment details by email
  • Organisations are issued an invoice by email to pay
  • Certificates of Currency issued on 31 October (timely renewals only*)
  • Late Certificates of Currency issued after 15 November*
  • Once renewed, your membership will be current for twelve months to 31 October the coming year.

* IMPORTANT: Late forms and payments will be accepted, however, to receive your documentation on 31 October, you must meet the due dates outlined in your renewal emails.

How do you renew?

All Members share the same renewal date: 31 October.

Members who join between January and July pay a pro-rata rate until 31 October.

Member renewal reminders are sent via email in August and September each year, with your unique renewal link. Once renewed, the remaining reminders will be deactivated. The renewal link will remain active for 31 days after your renewal date. To reactivate your Membership after 31 days, please contact us by email, do not submit a new application.

If you haven’t received an email and think your renewal is due, please check your SPAM inbox, and then contact us using the details below.

How long does renewal take?

Regardless of when the annual renewal is submitted, confirmation of your membership and Insurance documentation will be sent on 31 October if submitted on time.

Updating your contact details

You can update your membership contact details by contacting our Membership Team on 0460 792 956 or [email protected]

You are also able to update these details on your renewal form each year.

Member Benefits

Membership Dashboard

Once you become a RAV member, you will receive login details to access our website and set-up your public profile. You are also able to:

  • Add events to our What’s On listings – which also goes into our monthly Enews!
  • View Opportunities – updated weekly
  • Access resources

Organisation members’ discount

If you are an Organisation Member who has their own members, you are able to offer them half-price RAV membership. To access this discount, login to the Membership Dashboard to access the discount code to pass onto your members.

Funding Centre

All new and renewed members as of 24 November 2022, have the opportunity to activate their FREE Funding Centre subscription by 30 November 2022. Between 1 December and 31 October any new or late renewing members are not able to access this benefit.


The information we collect from you is used to generate your Membership Benefits, including insurance policies. Regional Arts Victoria values your privacy. For details on how we collect, store and use information, review our Privacy Policy, contact us at [email protected]


Where can you find your insurance certificates?

Your insurance certificates are sent via email, please search your inbox for an email from us. To obtain a copy of your insurance certificates, or to follow up on the status of your application, please contact the Membership Team on 0460 792 956 or [email protected]

Who can you talk to about your insurance policy?

Regional Arts Victoria’s Membership Team is not authorised to provide insurance advice. If you have an insurance query that is regarding your specific activities, please read the Insurance Information and contact the broker here.

Insurance FAQs and policy information

Please visit our Insurance Information page to read the FAQs and view the policy documents.

Regional Arts Victoria Constitution – Important changes for
members in 2022

On the 14th May 2022, the Board of Regional Arts Victoria (RAV) approved the motion to review the constitution.

As we emerge from two years of lockdowns into ways of working that embrace digital platforms, it is important as an organisation with state-wide reach that our processes allow us to be inclusive, flexible and adaptable.

In order for Regional Arts Victoria to respond to the changing demographic of our Board and staff living and working across regional Victoria, we have reviewed the constitution with the following changes:

  • Clause 40 has been amended to reduce the quorum from 20 members to 10;
  • Clause 66 has been modified to include the option for holding a ballot online; and
  • Removal of fax as a method of communication;

The following clauses have been amended to update the timeline for the lead up and conducting of the election of board members:

  • Clause 65.4 has been amended to reduce the time from 60 days to 45 days for nominations to be received prior to an AGM;
  • Clause 66.1 has been amended to reduce the time to prepare the papers from 45 days to 30 days prior to an AGM;
  • Clause 66.2 (1) has been amended to bring the timing of producing the list of members entitled to vote in the election in line with the amendments for nomination and the preparation of the ballot instrument; and
  • Clause 66.5 has been amended to close the election 7 days (reduced from 14 days) before the AGM, giving members more time to submit a nomination but ample time to consider the ballot and vote. 

Gender inclusive language has been updated throughout.

Regional Arts Victoria is researching online voting platforms that would facilitate secure technology requirements for digital voting should we wish to add this option in the future. As an organisation that cares about accessibility, RAV would ensure that appropriate voting methods and assistance are available for those members that are unable to vote using an online platform.

Regional Arts Victoria wishes to thank the pro bono work of Dawes & Vary Riordan.

Download the current RAV Constitution (2016)

An email informing members about these changes and the vote for constitutional change to be held in December 2022, has been distributed on 27 September 2022. If you have questions about the changes please be in touch via the below email or phone number.

Membership Contact Details

Regional Arts Victoria’s Membership Team is available to discuss your application or provide information about our Membership Program.

To obtain a copy of your insurance certificates, or to follow up the status of your application, please contact Regional Arts Victoria. We can be contacted at [email protected] or by phone on 0460 792 956.

For questions about the insurance policies and coverage please contact the Insurance Broker.