Photo by Palle Knudsen on Unsplash.

Parallel Wilds

Parallel Wilds is a short residency program designed by Northeast Victorian artist Craig Dent.

The program will engage students in years 4-5 from Carragarmungee and Milawa primary schools across Term Two, 2023.

Parallel Wilds aims to connect students to their local natural landscape, with a focus on biodiversity, using a creative approach combining creative writing, 3D digital photography and sound composition.  

This program seeks to address themes of respecting local Indigenous history and caring for our environment, while encouraging students to express identity in the natural world. Students explore a chosen local natural landscape and learn about the environment through a biodiversity lens with educational workshops, and through a creative approach learning skills in 360 digital photography and creative writing.

 Students respond to the biodiversity of the natural environment through creative writing workshops and collaborate to create a virtual story which can then be housed on an interactive platform for others to experience. Parallel Wilds provides youth a forum for their visions of themselves as protagonists in the natural world, bringing them closer to their natural environment through creative learning experiences. 

For further information on Parallel Wilds, contact:

Pippin Remi (she/her)
Senior Manager, Creative Learning
Regional Arts Victoria

E: [email protected]
M: 0427 211 123
Hours: Mon-Fri

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