Welcome to Tour School

Regional Arts Victoria aims to strengthen the performing arts touring sector in Victoria by offering targeted professional development opportunities. Thanks to the Australian Government’s RISE Fund, RAV’s Touring team have been delivering Tour School since 2021 to support the sector to restart and re-imagine touring.

What is Tour School?

Tour School is a series of free webinars aimed at touring artists. It shares the knowledge from our sector’s leading organisations and practicing artists. Current webinars now available to stream include:

  • Webinar #1: Re-thinking Your Production for Digital Awesomeness
  • Webinar #2: How to Build Your Digital Team
  • Webinar #3: Technical Aspects of a Digital Show
  • Webinar #4: Digital Video Production 101
  • Webinar #5: Self-presenting Digital Seasons – Where Do I Start?
  • Webinar #6: Digital Licensing & Rights – Where Do I Start?
  • Webinar #7: Building a Tour & Understanding the Weekly Fee Structure
  • Webinar #8: Travel Budgeting & Funding
  • Webinar #9: Pitching Your Work to Venues
  • Webinar #10: Building Your Tour and Working With Venues
  • Webinar #11: Applying for Travel Funds – How Do I Do It?
  • Bonus Content: Touring 101 with Regional Arts Victoria Staff
  • Bonus Content: Training session on COVID Safe procedures with Ross Farnell

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This program is supported by the Australian Government’s RISE fund.