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Splash Test Dummies by Dummies Corp

23rd Jan 2019 to 11th Apr 2020
16 Towns

International Ballet Gala by Projection Dance Company

1st Jan 2020 to 20th Jun 2020
8 Towns

Mental as Everything by Under the Microscope

20th Mar 2020 to 24th Oct 2020
15 Towns

Ann-Droid by BANDART Productions

25th Mar 2020 to 15th Jul 2020
11 Towns

I See You Like This by Jessica Wilson

31st Mar 2020 to 10th Jul 2020
2 Towns

Archie Roach: Tell Me Why by Play on Presents P/L

17th Apr 2020 to 12th Sep 2020
22 Towns

The Merger by Hey Boss

1st May 2020 to 30th May 2020
14 Towns

The Magnolia Tree by The Wolves Theatre

7th May 2020 to 22nd May 2020
9 Towns

Sound of Your Town by Mama Kin Spender

21st May 2020
1 Town

The Spooky Men's Chorale by The Spooky Men's Chorale

21st May 2020 to 12th Jul 2020
16 Towns

The Hunter. The Hunted. by Company 13

10th Jun 2020 to 19th Jun 2020
5 Towns

I Have a Face by Jude Perl

11th Jun 2020 to 31st Oct 2020
20 Towns

Jugg Life by Jugg Life Productions

21st Sep 2020 to 22nd Oct 2020
7 Towns

Trinket, the Robot by Little Wing Puppets

28th Sep 2020 to 13th Oct 2020
11 Towns

Trash Puppets Workshop by Trash Puppets

Metro: 5th Oct 2020 to 27th Jan 2021
Regional: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021

Transitions & Space (Unit 4 Drama Solo & Theatre Studies) by Impro Melbourne

Metro: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021
Regional: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021

Creating Characters (Unit 4 Drama Solo & Theatre Studies Monologues) by Impro Melbourne

Metro: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021
Regional: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021

VCE Drama Unlocked: Creating as an Ensemble (Unit 3 Drama Ensemble) by Impro Melbourne

Metro: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021
Regional: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021

Escape from Trash Mountain by Trash Puppets

Metro: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021
Regional: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021

Improvisation Foundations Online by Impro Melbourne

Metro: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021
Regional: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021

Improvaganza by Impro Melbourne

Metro: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021
Regional: 5th Oct 2020 to 17th Dec 2021

Fairytale Cookbook (The Show) by Impro Melbourne

Metro: 27th Jan 2021 to 17th Dec 2021
Regional: 27th Jan 2021 to 17th Dec 2021

Treehouse Architecture & Tiny Towns

Metro: 27th Jan 2021 to 17th Dec 2021
Regional: 27th Jan 2021 to 17th Dec 2021

A Play in A Day by Deirdre Marshall

Metro: 27th Jan 2021 to 17th Dec 2021
Regional: 27th Jan 2021 to 17th Dec 2021

Emu Weaving Story by Suzanne Connelly-Klidomitis

Metro: 27th Jan 2021 to 17th Dec 2021
Regional: 27th Jan 2021 to 17th Dec 2021

Hell’s Canyon by Emily Sheehan

Metro: 3rd May 2021 to 14th May 2021
Regional: 3rd May 2021 to 14th May 2021

Tōrō & Rose by Mark Penzak

Metro: 31st May 2021 to 11th Jun 2021
Regional: 31st May 2021 to 11th Jun 2021

The Creative Curriculum by Arts Centre Melbourne

Regional: 7th Jun 2021 to 11th Jun 2021
Regional: 2nd Aug 2021 to 13th Aug 2021

Billie & The Outback Dinosaurs by Stella Rose Productions

Metro: 26th Jul 2021 to 6th Aug 2021
Regional: 26th Jul 2021 to 6th Aug 2021

Pick Up Sticks by Asking for Trouble

Metro: 18th Oct 2021 to 29th Oct 2021
Regional: 18th Oct 2021 to 29th Oct 2021
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Home is Where the Hall is

We say goodbye to Home is Where the Hall is

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Update for Regional Artists and Arts Organisations in Response to Covid-19

Posted 20/Sep/2020 14:39

$102,961 Announced for Regional Artists and Communities in Victoria

Posted 17/Jul/2020 15:16

Funding Available For Recovery Projects

Posted 01/Jul/2020 08:57

Creative Recovery for Bushfire Affected Regions

Posted 11/Jun/2020 14:20

Sustaining Creative Workers Initiative

Posted 27/Apr/2020 05:27

2020 Annual General Meeting

Posted 01/Apr/2020 11:48

Important Update Regarding COVID-19

Posted 17/Mar/2020 03:39

Touring and engagement reaching new heights

Posted 23/Jul/2019 05:04

New funding for festivals and artists in Victoria

Posted 26/Jun/2019 05:18

Bruce Esplin AM Awarded Life Membership of Regional Arts Victoria

Posted 03/Jun/2019 10:01

AGM and Member Celebration heads to Stratford

Posted 10/May/2019 02:13

Make an Art Play Date for May

Posted 07/May/2019 00:45

Regional Arts Victoria delivers arts law and marketing workshops in Mildura

Posted 01/May/2019 00:51

2020 Touring Expressions of Interest open

Posted 16/Apr/2019 09:00

Art for all from the heart of regional Victoria

Posted 27/Mar/2019 04:41

North East Victorian creatives are building connections and momentum

Posted 25/Mar/2019 01:45

Arts Connect supports North East Victorian creatives to thrive

Posted 01/Mar/2019 03:36

Connecting People and Places in regional Victoria

Posted 20/Feb/2019 04:39

Community Presenter Mentorship Announcement

Posted 19/Feb/2019 02:10

Market the Heart in Wangaratta

Posted 11/Feb/2019 00:37

A new year inspiring arts across the state

Posted 10/Jan/2019 23:58

Happy Holidays from Regional Arts Victoria

Posted 19/Dec/2018 12:00

Outgoing Artlands Victoria Creative Producer and Director Ros Abercrombie appointed Executive Director of Regional Arts Australia

Posted 26/Nov/2018 03:15

One day intensive for regional artists and arts organisations

Posted 02/Nov/2018 00:30

Small Town Transformations: Huge line up planed for Big Sky Festival

Posted 25/Sep/2018 05:14


Posted 24/Sep/2018 13:00

Arts Grants Announced to Commemorate 2009 Victorian Bushfires

Posted 05/Sep/2018 00:38

Home is Where the Hall is 2018

Posted 04/Sep/2018 01:28

$160,000 announced for regional artists and communities in Victoria

Posted 25/Jun/2018 23:15

Board Changes

Posted 05/Jun/2018 03:11

Vale Meme McDonald

Posted 24/Jan/2018 02:54

Membership renewals and new applications

Posted 20/Dec/2017 22:42

Regional Arts Victoria holiday break

Posted 20/Dec/2017 22:24

Regional Arts Fund opens 8 January

Posted 04/Dec/2017 22:06

Welcome Edwina and Bindi!

Posted 02/Nov/2017 23:58

Funding available for Small Regional Presenters

Posted 26/Oct/2017 04:17

Welcome Erin and Sarah!

Posted 02/Oct/2017 05:08

Regional Arts Victoria votes 'Yes'

Posted 14/Sep/2017 06:27

Regional Arts Victoria farewells Esther Anatolitis

Posted 05/Sep/2017 01:13

Connecting Places Regional Workshops

Posted 31/Jul/2017 00:55

What's On this Weekend

Posted 06/Jul/2017 03:18

$106,287 announced for regional artists and communities in Victoria

Posted 04/Jul/2017 03:10

Regional Arts Victoria awarded the Victoria Day Award for the Arts

Posted 03/Jul/2017 04:55

Regional Arts Victoria announces Ros Abercrombie as Creative Producer of Artlands Victoria

Posted 01/May/2017 08:18

Regional Arts Victoria announces new strategic plan and new executive leadership

Posted 27/Feb/2017 09:06

Announcing Bendigo and Castlemaine as the heart of Artlands 2018

Posted 01/Feb/2017 00:33

Remembering William Cook (1933-2016)

Posted 10/Jan/2017 04:54

Introducing the 2017 Arts & Education Program

Posted 03/Nov/2016 03:10

Halls set to shine in November

Posted 17/Oct/2016 00:17

Subsidy to attend writing events in October

Posted 14/Sep/2016 12:58

Performing Arts Touring at the Performing Arts Exchange 2016

Posted 23/Aug/2016 14:00

Registrations open for Home is Where the Hall is

Posted 02/Aug/2016 13:30

Regional Arts Victoria welcomes Tim Dakin as Wellington Creative Arts Facilitator

Posted 28/Jun/2016 11:31

$99,052 announced for regional artists and communities in Victoria

Posted 27/Jun/2016 14:18

Fairytale Cookbook and Strange Garden visit Fun4Kids in Warrnambool

Posted 23/Jun/2016 15:21

Submissions for 2017 Arts & Education Program Now Closed!

Posted 14/Jun/2016 13:55

We're looking for a new Creative Arts Facilitator in Wellington!

Posted 23/May/2016 11:35

Regional Arts Victoria welcomes $500,000 towards philanthropy innovation for regional arts and education

Posted 09/May/2016 16:55

Regional Arts Victoria welcomes Justin Murphy as Manager, Performing Arts Touring

Posted 06/May/2016 09:01

Share your pocket money so kids can experience art!

Posted 29/Apr/2016 11:30

We're hiring! Manager, Performing Arts Touring

Posted 11/Apr/2016 12:32

ACMI appoints Esther Anatolitis, Director of Regional Arts Victoria, to Board

Posted 30/Mar/2016 15:54

Regional Arts Victoria Members Only Event!

Posted 01/Mar/2016 14:28

2016 Artist Residencies across Gippsland

Posted 25/Feb/2016 02:19

Shepp Train Project at Shepparton Festival

Posted 23/Feb/2016 17:03

Performing Arts Workshops for Community Presenters 2016

Posted 22/Feb/2016 10:11

Children’s architecture book Eco-Cubby launches at Sustainable Living Festival

Posted 02/Feb/2016 14:34

Regional Cultural Forum: Festivals Deconstructed

Posted 01/Feb/2016 05:47

Expressions of Interest for Showcase Victoria 2016 Close Feb 2

Posted 29/Jan/2016 11:10

EOIs for Small Town Transformations Closing Soon!

Posted 28/Jan/2016 23:14

Out of the office

Posted 21/Jan/2016 15:25

Farewelling our Creative Arts Recovery Facilitators

Posted 14/Jan/2016 14:35

Outgoing Regional Arts Victoria Board Member Susie Lyons appointed Arts & Culture Manager at Glenelg Shire

Posted 05/Jan/2016 13:36

Michael Veitch shares his touring story to Flinders Island, Tasmania

Posted 16/Dec/2015 15:00

Happy holidays! (And important office closing dates)

Posted 16/Dec/2015 08:57

Small Town Transformations information sessions in Victoria's West

Posted 07/Dec/2015 14:00

$100,838 announced for regional artists and communities in Victoria

Posted 01/Dec/2015 10:50

Small Town Transformations information sessions in Victoria's South East

Posted 30/Nov/2015 09:40

'Home is Where the Hall is' wraps up

Posted 26/Nov/2015 14:23

Small Town Transformations information sessions in Victoria's North West

Posted 23/Nov/2015 11:00

Creative Leadership Alumni Program 2016

Posted 23/Nov/2015 08:45

The Alice Project comes to Kilmore!

Posted 20/Nov/2015 08:30

VCE Drama & Theatre Studies texts to tour regional Victoria

Posted 18/Nov/2015 10:15

Small Town Transformations information sessions in Victoria's North East

Posted 17/Nov/2015 10:30

Welcome to Will McRostie, our new Small Town Transformations Administrator

Posted 13/Nov/2015 13:48

Regional artists snapshot for November

Posted 12/Nov/2015 08:30

Expressions of interest are now open for Small Town Transformations

Posted 09/Nov/2015 16:15

Be swept away by Miles and Simone at Home is Where the Hall is Birthday Bash!

Posted 28/Oct/2015 00:39

Expressions of interest for Small Town Transformations open Monday 9 November

Posted 27/Oct/2015 10:00

We're hiring a Small Town Transformations Administrator!

Posted 13/Oct/2015 16:00

Small Town Transformations returns with $350,000 for six big projects

Posted 12/Oct/2015 11:40

Touring to schools in Term 4!

Posted 06/Oct/2015 11:17

We're looking for an Online Marketing Intern!

Posted 22/Sep/2015 16:49

Flak - written and performed by Michael Veitch

Posted 17/Sep/2015 06:29

2016 Education & Families Program Announced!

Posted 16/Sep/2015 03:07

Fairytale Noir by Zulya & the Children of the Underground

Posted 07/Sep/2015 15:01

Volunteer with us!

Posted 07/Sep/2015 10:54

Caravan Burlesque...Rides Again!

Posted 07/Sep/2015 08:27

The Owl's Apprentice Regional Victorian Tour

Posted 04/Sep/2015 07:19

Reserved Seating Only National Tour

Posted 20/Aug/2015 12:42

Learn the business Secrets of Success

Posted 13/Aug/2015 08:30

Round 2 of the Regional Arts Fund closes Monday 17 August 2015

Posted 12/Aug/2015 12:00

Performing Arts Touring team is off to the Performing Arts Exchange!

Posted 07/Aug/2015 12:29

Registrations are open for Home is Where the Hall is 2015

Posted 03/Aug/2015 12:15

$105,148 announced for regional artists & communities in Victoria

Posted 28/Jul/2015 12:40

2015 Regional Victoria Living Expo video now up!

Posted 23/Jul/2015 05:04

Education & Families Programs out to celebrate Science Week!

Posted 20/Jul/2015 04:42

Children’s Book Week Programs ready to visit schools in August!

Posted 16/Jul/2015 00:38

Michael Veitch’s Flak and Impro Melbourne coming to secondary schools in term 3!

Posted 14/Jul/2015 00:21

The Small Town Transformations book has been released!

Posted 08/Jul/2015 07:00

Regional Arts Fund Round 2 is open!

Posted 01/Jul/2015 09:00

Exclusive ArtsHub offer for our Members

Posted 26/Jun/2015 10:00

Congratulations Miles Franklin Award winner Sofie Laguna

Posted 25/Jun/2015 12:00

Join us for the opening of Spears and Shields in Koondrook

Posted 22/Jun/2015 08:38

Take part in the 3x3 Film Challenge

Posted 19/Jun/2015 11:44

You're invited to join Creative Conversations

Posted 18/Jun/2015 13:00

Apply for the Australian Rural Leadership Program

Posted 14/Jun/2015 08:41

The Otway Glow Show

Posted 11/Jun/2015 14:30

Superbly Silver and Gold

Posted 04/Jun/2015 03:11

Welcome to Adelaide Fisher, our new Executive Assistant & Membership Administrator!

Posted 26/May/2015 01:34

Warning: Small Parts on tour!

Posted 24/May/2015 12:21

Art Is... On again!

Posted 18/May/2015 12:10

Showcase Victoria 2015 has arrived!

Posted 10/May/2015 12:23

An Evening with Kelly Boucher

Posted 04/May/2015 12:00

$20 million announced for investment in regional creativity and culture

Posted 01/May/2015 11:00

A painting can stop a bullet from being fired!

Posted 29/Apr/2015 02:12

Interested in Arts and Community Engagement?

Posted 27/Apr/2015 01:08

Members Celebration & AGM

Posted 17/Apr/2015 10:03

Showcase Victoria call out for volunteers

Posted 09/Apr/2015 11:35

We're looking for an Executive Assistant & Membership Administrator

Posted 08/Apr/2015 10:00


Posted 08/Apr/2015 06:27

Farewelling our Online Marketing Intern Eleanor!

Posted 07/Apr/2015 11:10

Register now for Showcase Victoria 2015!

Posted 26/Mar/2015 12:15

Are you our new Online Marketing Intern?

Posted 26/Mar/2015 09:30

Introducing PRUE SIMMONS

Posted 25/Mar/2015 23:48

2015 Creative Leadership Program Video

Posted 24/Mar/2015 15:00


Posted 19/Mar/2015 06:07


Posted 19/Mar/2015 04:51

East Gippsland Art Gallery seeking new Director

Posted 26/Feb/2015 22:15

Artstart - Up to $10,000

Posted 24/Feb/2015 03:44

Visions of Australia: Regional Exhibition Touring Fund

Posted 24/Feb/2015 03:42

Australia Council for the Arts - Development Grants for Individuals and Groups

Posted 24/Feb/2015 03:40

Regional Arts Fund applications closing soon

Posted 24/Feb/2015 03:31

2016 Education & Families Program

Posted 22/Feb/2015 23:09

Welcome to Jessica Alice, our new Marketing & Publicity Manager

Posted 19/Feb/2015 01:23


Posted 18/Feb/2015 05:46


Posted 17/Feb/2015 04:43

Call for sculptors - Victorian Timber Workers’ Memorial

Posted 30/Jan/2015 07:00

Regional Arts Fund

Posted 28/Jan/2015 11:03

Presentation grants available for Australian artists

Posted 28/Jan/2015 00:34

Applications now open for the new Australia Council Grants model

Posted 28/Jan/2015 00:20

Southern Grampians Shire Council Events Funding

Posted 28/Jan/2015 00:15

Introducing GREG MALLYON

Posted 21/Jan/2015 01:54

Expressions of Interest Showcase Victoria 2015 close on 2 February!

Posted 20/Jan/2015 21:46


Posted 20/Jan/2015 03:52

Creative Leaders begin their journeys!

Posted 20/Jan/2015 01:42


Posted 19/Jan/2015 03:16


Posted 14/Jan/2015 01:53

Introducing VESSEL

Posted 15/Dec/2014 05:20


Posted 11/Dec/2014 00:51

Introducing MUCHU

Posted 09/Dec/2014 22:44

Season’s Greetings from Regional Arts Victoria

Posted 04/Dec/2014 11:06

Meet Regional Victoria’s next Creative Leaders!

Posted 02/Dec/2014 13:57

Regional Arts Victoria welcomes three new Creative Arts Recovery Facilitators

Posted 01/Dec/2014 14:00

Funding From Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Posted 28/Nov/2014 12:24

Regional Arts Victoria celebrates touring programs announced on VCE Playlist

Posted 27/Nov/2014 12:41


Posted 18/Nov/2014 03:41

Introducing TREFOR PREST

Posted 17/Nov/2014 05:51

Introducing SARAH JONES

Posted 17/Nov/2014 04:40


Posted 13/Nov/2014 05:54

WetlandCare Australia – Photography Prize

Posted 07/Nov/2014 00:29

Creative Partnerships Australia – Plus1 Program

Posted 07/Nov/2014 00:20

Next Wave's Kickstart Program Is Now Open!

Posted 07/Nov/2014 00:07

CACD 500 Campaign

Posted 30/Oct/2014 11:16

Regional Wellbeing Survey

Posted 30/Oct/2014 11:09

$97,925 Announced for regional artists and communities in Victoria

Posted 21/Oct/2014 00:22

Next Small Town Transformation launched

Posted 14/Oct/2014 13:02

Find us at Arts & Edges

Posted 13/Oct/2014 22:13

Small Town Transformations Revealed

Posted 06/Oct/2014 08:11

We're set to inspire young minds throughout the state in 2015!

Posted 19/Sep/2014 03:02

Regional Arts Victoria 2014 Advocacy Toolkit

Posted 15/Aug/2014 22:38

We’re looking for Regional Victoria’s Young Creative Leaders in-the-making!

Posted 14/Aug/2014 08:46

New Website to connect and communicate art in the south west

Posted 05/Aug/2014 04:37

Regional Victoria's young Creative Leaders develop their project in Stawell

Posted 31/Jul/2014 05:40

Did you know you could donate to Regional Arts Victoria, and receive a tax deduction?

Posted 29/May/2014 09:39

Regional Arts Fund Information Sessions

Posted 29/May/2014 01:42

Regional Arts Victoria welcomes Susie Lyons to the Board of Directors

Posted 28/May/2014 01:36

Move your life in the arts from good to GREAT

Posted 08/May/2014 01:29

Guarantee Against Loss Funding to re-open in 1 July 2014

Posted 14/Apr/2014 02:50

Congratulations to Regional Victoria’s young Creative Leaders: inspired and on their way!

Posted 10/Feb/2014 00:58

Regional Arts Victoria announces Suzi Cordell as Education & Families Manager

Posted 23/Jan/2014 03:40

Sharpening the Arts in Regional Australia

Posted 19/Dec/2013 03:37

Regional Arts Victoria receives a Drama Victoria Award

Posted 03/Dec/2013 00:18

Welcome to our new website!

Posted 11/Sep/2013 06:46

Need funding in a hurry?

Posted 02/Sep/2013 09:50

Connecting Victorian Collections

Posted 27/Aug/2013 16:55
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