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Metro: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022
Regional: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022

IMPROVAGANZA SHOW by Impro Melbourne

Metro: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022
Regional: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022

PINOCCHIO by Make A Scene

Regional: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022


Metro: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022
Regional: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022


Metro: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022
Regional: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022

STARDUST + THE MISSION by The Space Company

1st Jan 2022 to 13th Jul 2022
34 Towns


Metro: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022
Regional: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022


Metro: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022
Regional: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022


Metro: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022
Regional: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022

COMIC ART with Fingle Sin

Metro: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022
Regional: 1st Jan 2022 to 31st Dec 2022

WAVES by Alice Mary Cooper

11th Mar 2022 to 26th Mar 2022
8 Towns

THE PLANTS by Playable Streets

26th Mar 2022 to 17th Sep 2022
5 Towns

Trinket the Robot by Little Wing Puppets

12th Apr 2022 to 6th May 2022
12 Towns

Jazz High Tea by Quiet Riot

1st May 2022 to 22nd May 2022
7 Towns

CACTUS by Madelaine Nunn

Metro: 2nd May 2022 to 6th May 2022
Regional: 2nd May 2022 to 6th May 2022

Slava Ukraini

6th May 2022 to 29th May 2022
2 Towns

JUDE PERL: Participation Award

6th May 2022 to 11th Nov 2022
12 Towns

Borders Launch

9th May 2022
2 Towns


12th May 2022 to 20th Aug 2022
6 Towns


19th May 2022 to 2nd Jul 2022
19 Towns

ARDNA by Assel Tayah & Jason Tamiru

Metro: 6th Jun 2022 to 17th Jun 2022
Regional: 6th Jun 2022 to 17th Jun 2022

PEACEFUL PIANO with Nat Bartsch & Luke Howard

22nd Jun 2022 to 4th Sep 2022
7 Towns

Improvisation Workshop with Born In A Taxi

25th Jun 2022 to 26th Jun 2022
1 Town

Improvisation (drama) Workshop for people living with a disability

29th Jun 2022
1 Town

The Waiting Room by Born In A Taxi

1st Jun 2022 to 1st Jul 2022
1 Town

JUNKLANDIA by Junkyard Beats

Metro: 25th Jul 2022 to 5th Aug 2022
Regional: 25th Jul 2022 to 5th Aug 2022

JUNKLANDIA by Junkyard Beats

25th Jul 2022 to 12th Aug 2022
2 Towns

BALKAN ELVIS – Aloha from Dubrovnik by Blue Leaf

6th Aug 2022 to 27th Aug 2022
12 Towns

SOUND OF YOUR TOWN by Mama Kin Spender

19th Aug 2022 to 5th Nov 2022
5 Towns

BUNKASAURUS by Bunk Puppets

20th Sep 2022 to 4th Oct 2022
5 Towns

RECKŌNING by Beat Entertainment

1st Jan 2023
1 Town
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Art & Culture Messaging Campaign

Posted 08/Apr/2022 10:20

Update for Regional Artists and Arts Organisations in Response to Covid-19

Posted 25/Feb/2022 14:00

$624,650 Announced for Regional Artists And Communities In Victoria

Posted 03/Aug/2021 16:31

Regional Arts Victoria announces Regional Arts Fund Project and Fellowship Recipients

Posted 13/Jul/2021 10:28

Music Victoria and Regional Arts Victoria Accounce New Regional Music Development Team

Posted 13/May/2021 16:15

Regional Arts Victoria Welcomes Jacquelin Low as Director of Operations

Posted 06/May/2021 10:11


Posted 20/Jan/2021 12:15

Regional Arts Fund Project Grants now open

Posted 18/Jan/2021 09:11

RAV Announces 2021 Arts & Education Program Plans

Posted 24/Nov/2020 09:00

Creative Workers in Schools Program Launches

Posted 19/Nov/2020 09:00

$102,961 Announced for Regional Artists and Communities in Victoria

Posted 17/Jul/2020 15:16

Funding Available For Recovery Projects

Posted 01/Jul/2020 08:57

Creative Recovery for Bushfire Affected Regions

Posted 11/Jun/2020 14:20

Sustaining Creative Workers Initiative

Posted 27/Apr/2020 05:27

Important Update Regarding COVID-19

Posted 17/Mar/2020 03:39

Touring and engagement reaching new heights

Posted 23/Jul/2019 05:04

New funding for festivals and artists in Victoria

Posted 26/Jun/2019 05:18

Bruce Esplin AM Awarded Life Membership of Regional Arts Victoria

Posted 03/Jun/2019 10:01

AGM and Member Celebration heads to Stratford

Posted 10/May/2019 02:13

Make an Art Play Date for May

Posted 07/May/2019 00:45

Regional Arts Victoria delivers arts law and marketing workshops in Mildura

Posted 01/May/2019 00:51

2020 Touring Expressions of Interest open

Posted 16/Apr/2019 09:00

Art for all from the heart of regional Victoria

Posted 27/Mar/2019 04:41

North East Victorian creatives are building connections and momentum

Posted 25/Mar/2019 01:45

Arts Connect supports North East Victorian creatives to thrive

Posted 01/Mar/2019 03:36

Connecting People and Places in regional Victoria

Posted 20/Feb/2019 04:39

Community Presenter Mentorship Announcement

Posted 19/Feb/2019 02:10

Market the Heart in Wangaratta

Posted 11/Feb/2019 00:37

A new year inspiring arts across the state

Posted 10/Jan/2019 23:58

Happy Holidays from Regional Arts Victoria

Posted 19/Dec/2018 12:00

Outgoing Artlands Victoria Creative Producer and Director Ros Abercrombie appointed Executive Director of Regional Arts Australia

Posted 26/Nov/2018 03:15

One day intensive for regional artists and arts organisations

Posted 02/Nov/2018 00:30

Small Town Transformations: Huge line up planed for Big Sky Festival

Posted 25/Sep/2018 05:14


Posted 24/Sep/2018 13:00

Arts Grants Announced to Commemorate 2009 Victorian Bushfires

Posted 05/Sep/2018 00:38

Home is Where the Hall is 2018

Posted 04/Sep/2018 01:28

$160,000 announced for regional artists and communities in Victoria

Posted 25/Jun/2018 23:15

Board Changes

Posted 05/Jun/2018 03:11

Vale Meme McDonald

Posted 24/Jan/2018 02:54

Membership renewals and new applications

Posted 20/Dec/2017 22:42

Welcome Edwina and Bindi!

Posted 02/Nov/2017 23:58

Funding available for Small Regional Presenters

Posted 26/Oct/2017 04:17

Welcome Erin and Sarah!

Posted 02/Oct/2017 05:08

Regional Arts Victoria votes 'Yes'

Posted 14/Sep/2017 06:27

Regional Arts Victoria farewells Esther Anatolitis

Posted 05/Sep/2017 01:13

Connecting Places Regional Workshops

Posted 31/Jul/2017 00:55

$106,287 announced for regional artists and communities in Victoria

Posted 04/Jul/2017 03:10

Regional Arts Victoria awarded the Victoria Day Award for the Arts

Posted 03/Jul/2017 04:55

Regional Arts Victoria announces Ros Abercrombie as Creative Producer of Artlands Victoria

Posted 01/May/2017 08:18

Regional Arts Victoria announces new strategic plan and new executive leadership

Posted 27/Feb/2017 09:06

Announcing Bendigo and Castlemaine as the heart of Artlands 2018

Posted 01/Feb/2017 00:33

Remembering William Cook (1933-2016)

Posted 10/Jan/2017 04:54

Introducing the 2017 Arts & Education Program

Posted 03/Nov/2016 03:10

Halls set to shine in November

Posted 17/Oct/2016 00:17

Subsidy to attend writing events in October

Posted 14/Sep/2016 12:58

Performing Arts Touring at the Performing Arts Exchange 2016

Posted 23/Aug/2016 14:00

Registrations open for Home is Where the Hall is

Posted 02/Aug/2016 13:30

Regional Arts Victoria welcomes Tim Dakin as Wellington Creative Arts Facilitator

Posted 28/Jun/2016 11:31

$99,052 announced for regional artists and communities in Victoria

Posted 27/Jun/2016 14:18

Fairytale Cookbook and Strange Garden visit Fun4Kids in Warrnambool

Posted 23/Jun/2016 15:21

Submissions for 2017 Arts & Education Program Now Closed!

Posted 14/Jun/2016 13:55

We're looking for a new Creative Arts Facilitator in Wellington!

Posted 23/May/2016 11:35

Regional Arts Victoria welcomes $500,000 towards philanthropy innovation for regional arts and education

Posted 09/May/2016 16:55

Regional Arts Victoria welcomes Justin Murphy as Manager, Performing Arts Touring

Posted 06/May/2016 09:01

Share your pocket money so kids can experience art!

Posted 29/Apr/2016 11:30

We're hiring! Manager, Performing Arts Touring

Posted 11/Apr/2016 12:32

ACMI appoints Esther Anatolitis, Director of Regional Arts Victoria, to Board

Posted 30/Mar/2016 15:54

Regional Arts Victoria Members Only Event!

Posted 01/Mar/2016 14:28

Shepp Train Project at Shepparton Festival

Posted 23/Feb/2016 17:03

Performing Arts Workshops for Community Presenters 2016

Posted 22/Feb/2016 10:11

Children’s architecture book Eco-Cubby launches at Sustainable Living Festival

Posted 02/Feb/2016 14:34

Regional Cultural Forum: Festivals Deconstructed

Posted 01/Feb/2016 05:47

Expressions of Interest for Showcase Victoria 2016 Close Feb 2

Posted 29/Jan/2016 11:10

EOIs for Small Town Transformations Closing Soon!

Posted 28/Jan/2016 23:14

Out of the office

Posted 21/Jan/2016 15:25

Farewelling our Creative Arts Recovery Facilitators

Posted 14/Jan/2016 14:35

Outgoing Regional Arts Victoria Board Member Susie Lyons appointed Arts & Culture Manager at Glenelg Shire

Posted 05/Jan/2016 13:36

Michael Veitch shares his touring story to Flinders Island, Tasmania

Posted 16/Dec/2015 15:00

Happy holidays! (And important office closing dates)

Posted 16/Dec/2015 08:57

Small Town Transformations information sessions in Victoria's West

Posted 07/Dec/2015 14:00

Small Town Transformations information sessions in Victoria's South East

Posted 30/Nov/2015 09:40

Small Town Transformations information sessions in Victoria's North West

Posted 23/Nov/2015 11:00

Creative Leadership Alumni Program 2016

Posted 23/Nov/2015 08:45

The Alice Project comes to Kilmore!

Posted 20/Nov/2015 08:30

VCE Drama & Theatre Studies texts to tour regional Victoria

Posted 18/Nov/2015 10:15

Small Town Transformations information sessions in Victoria's North East

Posted 17/Nov/2015 10:30

Welcome to Will McRostie, our new Small Town Transformations Administrator

Posted 13/Nov/2015 13:48

Regional artists snapshot for November

Posted 12/Nov/2015 08:30

Expressions of interest are now open for Small Town Transformations

Posted 09/Nov/2015 16:15

Be swept away by Miles and Simone at Home is Where the Hall is Birthday Bash!

Posted 28/Oct/2015 00:39

Expressions of interest for Small Town Transformations open Monday 9 November

Posted 27/Oct/2015 10:00

We're hiring a Small Town Transformations Administrator!

Posted 13/Oct/2015 16:00

Small Town Transformations returns with $350,000 for six big projects

Posted 12/Oct/2015 11:40

Touring to schools in Term 4!

Posted 06/Oct/2015 11:17

We're looking for an Online Marketing Intern!

Posted 22/Sep/2015 16:49

Flak - written and performed by Michael Veitch

Posted 17/Sep/2015 06:29

Fairytale Noir by Zulya & the Children of the Underground

Posted 07/Sep/2015 15:01

Volunteer with us!

Posted 07/Sep/2015 10:54

Caravan Burlesque...Rides Again!

Posted 07/Sep/2015 08:27

The Owl's Apprentice Regional Victorian Tour

Posted 04/Sep/2015 07:19

Reserved Seating Only National Tour

Posted 20/Aug/2015 12:42

Learn the business Secrets of Success

Posted 13/Aug/2015 08:30

Round 2 of the Regional Arts Fund closes Monday 17 August 2015

Posted 12/Aug/2015 12:00

Performing Arts Touring team is off to the Performing Arts Exchange!

Posted 07/Aug/2015 12:29

Registrations are open for Home is Where the Hall is 2015

Posted 03/Aug/2015 12:15

$105,148 announced for regional artists & communities in Victoria

Posted 28/Jul/2015 12:40

Education & Families Programs out to celebrate Science Week!

Posted 20/Jul/2015 04:42

Children’s Book Week Programs ready to visit schools in August!

Posted 16/Jul/2015 00:38

Michael Veitch’s Flak and Impro Melbourne coming to secondary schools in term 3!

Posted 14/Jul/2015 00:21

The Small Town Transformations book has been released!

Posted 08/Jul/2015 07:00

Exclusive ArtsHub offer for our Members

Posted 26/Jun/2015 10:00

Congratulations Miles Franklin Award winner Sofie Laguna

Posted 25/Jun/2015 12:00

Join us for the opening of Spears and Shields in Koondrook

Posted 22/Jun/2015 08:38

Take part in the 3x3 Film Challenge

Posted 19/Jun/2015 11:44

You're invited to join Creative Conversations

Posted 18/Jun/2015 13:00

Apply for the Australian Rural Leadership Program

Posted 14/Jun/2015 08:41

The Otway Glow Show

Posted 11/Jun/2015 14:30

Superbly Silver and Gold

Posted 04/Jun/2015 03:11

Welcome to Adelaide Fisher, our new Executive Assistant & Membership Administrator!

Posted 26/May/2015 01:34

Warning: Small Parts on tour!

Posted 24/May/2015 12:21

Art Is... On again!

Posted 18/May/2015 12:10

Showcase Victoria 2015 has arrived!

Posted 10/May/2015 12:23

An Evening with Kelly Boucher

Posted 04/May/2015 12:00

$20 million announced for investment in regional creativity and culture

Posted 01/May/2015 11:00

A painting can stop a bullet from being fired!

Posted 29/Apr/2015 02:12

Interested in Arts and Community Engagement?

Posted 27/Apr/2015 01:08

Showcase Victoria call out for volunteers

Posted 09/Apr/2015 11:35

We're looking for an Executive Assistant & Membership Administrator

Posted 08/Apr/2015 10:00


Posted 08/Apr/2015 06:27

Farewelling our Online Marketing Intern Eleanor!

Posted 07/Apr/2015 11:10

Register now for Showcase Victoria 2015!

Posted 26/Mar/2015 12:15

Are you our new Online Marketing Intern?

Posted 26/Mar/2015 09:30

Introducing PRUE SIMMONS

Posted 25/Mar/2015 23:48

2015 Creative Leadership Program Video

Posted 24/Mar/2015 15:00


Posted 19/Mar/2015 06:07


Posted 19/Mar/2015 04:51

East Gippsland Art Gallery seeking new Director

Posted 26/Feb/2015 22:15

Artstart - Up to $10,000

Posted 24/Feb/2015 03:44

Visions of Australia: Regional Exhibition Touring Fund

Posted 24/Feb/2015 03:42

Australia Council for the Arts - Development Grants for Individuals and Groups

Posted 24/Feb/2015 03:40

Welcome to Jessica Alice, our new Marketing & Publicity Manager

Posted 19/Feb/2015 01:23


Posted 18/Feb/2015 05:46


Posted 17/Feb/2015 04:43

Call for sculptors - Victorian Timber Workers’ Memorial

Posted 30/Jan/2015 07:00

Presentation grants available for Australian artists

Posted 28/Jan/2015 00:34

Applications now open for the new Australia Council Grants model

Posted 28/Jan/2015 00:20

Southern Grampians Shire Council Events Funding

Posted 28/Jan/2015 00:15

Introducing GREG MALLYON

Posted 21/Jan/2015 01:54

Expressions of Interest Showcase Victoria 2015 close on 2 February!

Posted 20/Jan/2015 21:46


Posted 20/Jan/2015 03:52

Creative Leaders begin their journeys!

Posted 20/Jan/2015 01:42


Posted 19/Jan/2015 03:16


Posted 14/Jan/2015 01:53

Introducing VESSEL

Posted 15/Dec/2014 05:20


Posted 11/Dec/2014 00:51

Introducing MUCHU

Posted 09/Dec/2014 22:44

Season’s Greetings from Regional Arts Victoria

Posted 04/Dec/2014 11:06

Meet Regional Victoria’s next Creative Leaders!

Posted 02/Dec/2014 13:57

Regional Arts Victoria welcomes three new Creative Arts Recovery Facilitators

Posted 01/Dec/2014 14:00

Funding From Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

Posted 28/Nov/2014 12:24

Regional Arts Victoria celebrates touring programs announced on VCE Playlist

Posted 27/Nov/2014 12:41


Posted 18/Nov/2014 03:41

Introducing TREFOR PREST

Posted 17/Nov/2014 05:51

Introducing SARAH JONES

Posted 17/Nov/2014 04:40


Posted 13/Nov/2014 05:54

WetlandCare Australia – Photography Prize

Posted 07/Nov/2014 00:29

Creative Partnerships Australia – Plus1 Program

Posted 07/Nov/2014 00:20

Next Wave's Kickstart Program Is Now Open!

Posted 07/Nov/2014 00:07

CACD 500 Campaign

Posted 30/Oct/2014 11:16

Regional Wellbeing Survey

Posted 30/Oct/2014 11:09

$97,925 Announced for regional artists and communities in Victoria

Posted 21/Oct/2014 00:22

Next Small Town Transformation launched

Posted 14/Oct/2014 13:02

Small Town Transformations Revealed

Posted 06/Oct/2014 08:11

We're set to inspire young minds throughout the state in 2015!

Posted 19/Sep/2014 03:02

Regional Arts Victoria 2014 Advocacy Toolkit

Posted 15/Aug/2014 22:38

We’re looking for Regional Victoria’s Young Creative Leaders in-the-making!

Posted 14/Aug/2014 08:46

New Website to connect and communicate art in the south west

Posted 05/Aug/2014 04:37

Regional Victoria's young Creative Leaders develop their project in Stawell

Posted 31/Jul/2014 05:40

Did you know you could donate to Regional Arts Victoria, and receive a tax deduction?

Posted 29/May/2014 09:39

Regional Arts Victoria welcomes Susie Lyons to the Board of Directors

Posted 28/May/2014 01:36

Move your life in the arts from good to GREAT

Posted 08/May/2014 01:29

Guarantee Against Loss Funding to re-open in 1 July 2014

Posted 14/Apr/2014 02:50

Congratulations to Regional Victoria’s young Creative Leaders: inspired and on their way!

Posted 10/Feb/2014 00:58

Regional Arts Victoria announces Suzi Cordell as Education & Families Manager

Posted 23/Jan/2014 03:40

Sharpening the Arts in Regional Australia

Posted 19/Dec/2013 03:37

Regional Arts Victoria receives a Drama Victoria Award

Posted 03/Dec/2013 00:18

Welcome to our new website!

Posted 11/Sep/2013 06:46
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