Regional Arts Victoria’s COVID-Safe Plan for Touring

Understanding what COVID-Safe touring looks like can feel intimidating. Regional Arts Victoria are pleased to release their generic COVID-Safe Plan for Touring to support independent touring companies and artists with their planning.

Written under the Live Performance Australia Guidelines and assessed by our Executive and Board, we share this plan in the hopes that it assists the independent touring artist sector in developing their own COVID Safe plans as they start to plot their future tours.

It may guide the areas you need to think about, the detail in which you need to consider everyday movements, and the types of procedures you need to have in place with your touring team to ensure everyone is clear on their responsibilities to keeping themselves, venue staff and communities safe whilst on tour. 

If you have questions or would like some support in understanding this document, you can email our Touring Manager Bindi Green on [email protected] to arrange a time to chat!

Nothing provided here should be considered health advice. Anyone using these templates is encouraged to seek health advice that is relevant to your particular situation before commencing tour work.