For Artists – Frequently Asked Questions

For Artists - Frequently Asked Questions

You asked, we listened! Here are answers to some of the more common questions we get asked by artists and producers interested in regional touring and working with Regional Arts Victoria generally:

Thanks for the guidelines “ but what if my work doesn’t meet them?
Always feel free to contact the Programming team at Regional Arts Victoria to discuss your project/work/idea, however it is likely that if what you’re working on doesn’t align with any of our program specific or general touring guidelines, it may not be a fit for touring with us. We are always happy to discuss your work and suggest other avenues that may be better suited.

I have a project that I feel is perfect for Arts & Education or Connecting Places and Showcase Victoria“ should I apply to Showcase Victoria AND your program directly?
As you can see by the timeline here, our applications don’t open until the Showcase Victoria program is announced, so you will know by the time our applications open whether you have received a pitch spot at Showcase Victoria. Because we also program work for our Arts & Education and Connecting Places programs out of Showcase Victoria, there is no need to apply directly to us if you are successful in receiving a pitch spot.

I have a project that I feel is perfect for Arts & Education or Connecting Places “ what is the advantage of applying to pitch it at Showcase Victoria over simply applying to your program directly?
Artists who feel their work is not suitable for the VAPAC network, but aligns with our other programs are welcome to apply directly to us. However, Showcase Victoria is Australia’s leading state-based performing arts marketplace and a critical component of Victoria’s touring ecology. It provides a unique platform for artists and producers to build relationships and promote their work to a wide range of venues and programmers with the ultimate aim of facilitating touring. In 2018 for example 93% of presenters with programming responsibilities indicated that they were interested in productions on offer at Showcase Victoria. If there is enough presenter interest out of Showcase Victoria to build a viable tour for your project, you are in a stronger position to have it come to fruition because both VAPAC and Regional Arts Victoria are committed to delivering work that venues want to see toured. You are welcome to call the Programming department to discuss your options if you’re unsure.

I have a project that I feel is suited to Arts & Education or Connecting Places but I was not successful in receiving a pitch spot at Showcase Victoria “ should I still apply to your program directly when applications open?
Because Regional Arts Victoria works closely with the Showcase Victoria event and its selection processes, it is likely we have already perused and discussed your project at length and if you haven’t already been contacted by our Programming Team before our applications open it may be that the application isn’t strong enough or requires some kind of adaptation to make it more desirable for touring etc. Please feel free to get in touch with a member of our Programming Team for advice, which we are always happy to provide.

Can I put Regional Arts Victoria down as my tour coordinator when applying to Showcase Victoria?
If you feel you do not have the skills to produce a potential tour coming out of Showcase Victoria, please feel free to call our Programming team to discuss your needs. We are unlikely to be able to say yes before the event, but we welcome discussions around what artists needs are, and helps us make final decisions around who to support once the event is finalised, and presenter interest is collated.

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