Information for Artists about Touring with RAV

About Regional Arts Victoria

Through creative facilitation, touring, education, specialised resources, artistic projects and advocacy, Regional Arts Victoria helps to develop and sustain creative communities and artistic practice all over Victoria.

Regional Arts Victoria is the peak body for regional artists and arts organisations, and the leading organisation for regional creative practice in Victoria.

We are an independent, not-for-profit, membership-based organisation that works in long-term partnerships with every level of government to advise and impact on decision-making and help foster contemporary and innovative regional cultural practice, which we have done for the past five decades.

In our Touring department, we are committed to nurturing the experts who foster local artistic experiences and stimulate young minds – that’s where you come in!

About Touring

The Touring department at Regional Arts Victoria has tour programs:

Artists can also tour via our Arts & Education program.

Across these three programs, Regional Arts Victoria tours performing arts, live music, theatre, circus, workshops and residency-based projects.

We provide Tour Coordination for artists across both Victorian and interstate venues. This includes booking tour itineraries, negotiating fees on behalf of the artist, managing funding applications, and if successful, coordinating the creation of appropriate marketing materials, and contracting, invoicing, booking of logistics and final reporting on behalf of the artist. Companies we work with are expected to manage the pre-production phase of the tour, and are encouraged to develop close working relationships with the venues they tour to.

What is Showcase Victoria? Showcase Victoria is Australia’s leading state-based performing arts marketplace and a critical part of Victoria’s touring process. The two-day event provides a unique platform for producers, artists and theatre-makers to make connections and showcase their work to a wide range of venue managers and programmers with the ultimate aim of facilitating touring. Visit the Showcase Victoria website for more information.