Acknowledgement Requirements for Touring Productions

For all productions toured by Regional Arts Victoria, the following logo and text acknowledgements apply. 

The Regional Arts Victoria logo should be included on all marketing materials associated with this project.

These may include (but are not restricted to):

  • Posters, fliers and brochures
  • Advertisements
  • Invitations
  • Information and education kits
  • Signage
  • Programs and catalogues


The logo is available to use in three different versions as outlined below. 

Download Logos here: 

Download Logos here: 

Please note: guidlines regarding use of the Regional Arts Victoria logo are outlined below.

Clear Space around the logo
 You must leave clear space around entire logo. Clear space should be the width of the R in Regional.

Minimum size of the logo
The minimum width of the logo is 20mm

The following text/verbal acknowledgement of Regional Arts Victoria should be used in any speeches, media releases, interviews and other circumstances where a logo may not be possible:

This project is proudly supported by Regional Arts Victoria