Regional Arts Victoria proudly partnered with the City of Melbourne to create the Eco-Cubby project, with Kelly Boucher as Project Coordinator. This innovative project places children right in the centre of their learning about sustainable design. All across the state, architects and designers have worked with schools and communities to explore concepts of sustainability through a hands-on making process. In 2016 we are very excited to present Eco-Cubby with Kelly, who will continue to deliver the project through the Education & Families program.

The Eco-Cubby book is a showcase and a celebration of the project to date, and is available for order online.

About the program

Schools and communities work with a local architect/designer and Project Coordinator in the development of an Eco-Cubby project for their community. Each project is unique, but all focus on the process, identification and understanding of issues raised through the development of a sustainable living environment.

Documentation of the thought and design process, along with Eco-Cubby scale models, will be exhibited each year, including at the Sustainable Living Festival (Melbourne) and other locations across Victoria. These exhibitions offer the chance for participants’ outcomes to inform other children about sustainable living principles.

This program initiative presents an exciting opportunity for young people to explore sustainable living, not only through discussion, but also in design and model building. It is the first time the City of Melbourne and Regional Arts Victoria have engaged with architects/designers to work directly with young people, and offers communities across the State the chance to work together and share their Eco-Cubby ideas.

Visit the Eco-Cubby website to learn more.

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