National Cultural Policy: Members Feedback

As you may know, my predecessor Joe Toohey wrote a submission to Government while the National Cultural Policy was being developed, and our nationally focused colleagues at Regional Arts Australia have been involved in consultations. As well as working closely with Regional Arts Australia, RAV collaborates with the Arts Industry Council of Victoria and we have been asked to support a push for full funding of a National Cultural Policy, which is due to be announced in December and it is hoped that the Government will fund the policy for delivery. 

I would be really grateful if current Members could send me comments or suggestions for this draft letter, which we will send to Victorian members of the Commonwealth Parliament’s Economic Review Committee as they discuss the level to which the National Cultural Policy initiatives will be resourced. While the policy has yet to be announced, I have kept the tone of the letter general and will respond on specific programs in the policy as appropriate.

Please respond with comments or suggestions by 16 December 2022

Best wishes,

Jo Porter,
CEO Regional Arts Victoria