Tomas Lineker

Australian artist Tomas Lineker brings to life on canvas a creatively vibrant blend of vivid colours and figures in various quirky scenes and interiors. His style is an unusual combination of still life and abstract depicting Pots, flowers, fish and mirrors in a energetic confident setting. The canvas is a place where uncommon colour combinations and realistic, unrealistic patters emerge. Born in Ballarat a small town in the western Victoria, Australia, Tom From an early age was interested in design and architecture, Tom was selling plumbing fittings for 17 years until he discovered his love for art. Now he practices his art every day. Inspired by famous artist  Peter Graham, Toms colourful, abstracted style of paintings are imaginative scenes and interiors, looking for colour relationships that make you look twice, Tom explains, ‘in the case of seeing things that you cant explain about my art, the meaning and interpretation is totally up to the viewer. Tom has had a sold out solo exhibition at the old butchers shop gallery Ballarat Jan 2022. Also featuring in Ruby Pilvens open studio in Nov 2021 Currently Tom has joined with the Studio Gallery Group Melbourne and Sydney

About Our Member

Member Type: Individual
Location: Ballarat
Art Form: Visual Arts

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