Tia Alysse Art / Country Canvases

Tia creates original works on canvas or paper taking inspiration from her regional surroundings and the animals which she loves. Tia's love for animals and on-the-ground experience volunteering in local wildlife shelters have led various creatures to be the subject of Tia's artwork.

Tia has been selling her work commercially since 2016, through commercial galleries, interior design stores, cafes, and her own home studio. After studying at John Marsden's arts-based secondary school, Alice Miller, Tia she realised a future as an artist.

Her life has moulded her into a confident and compassionate young woman with understanding and humility. Tia cares for every piece she produces.

Tia also offers a series of paint'n'sip art classes, 'Country Canvases', which are held at her Malmsbury property on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and can host up to 15 people.

Tia aims to make her work accessible to a wide audience, suited to modern and country décor. She chooses to explore a wide range of mediums to further develop her individual style.

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Member Type: Individual
Location: Malmsbury
Art Form: Community Arts

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