Scott McKernan

I was born in 1976 and I now produce inspired literary, as well as 2D, and 3D works that are designed to feed your soul. I want to make this place more like heaven-on-earth, and less like the other. God knows we need that! I write in fiction and nonfiction. My first book in a series of coffee table books, Art For Those With Eyes to See, will be released later in 2023. The first edition is entitled, Divine Chaos. Much of my literary work is designed to heal, help, or enrich the lives of my audiences. My 2D work is comprised of self-taught stippling pieces. I created numerous nature studies of Australian flora, as well as portraits, and depictions of sensual fabric. These prints can be seen on my site I have worked with ceramics, wood, and other mediums, which will feature in my Divine Chaos exhibition. This will be an accompanying component to the book of the same name. I aim to have this exhibition travel the world.

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Member Type: Individual
Location: Traralgon
Art Form: Multi Art-form

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