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Samantha Thompson was born in Sydney by American parents, and now resides in rural Victoria. Growing up, surrounded by strong female role models -three sisters and a mother working in the art and design industries and a father in the bridal industry a love of art and business was fostered from birth, with an ambition and scope that bleeds past the art industry and into all facets of life. This support and ambitious ethos is what has ensured a smooth transition to a career in the creative industry.

Samantha’s work is not relegated to one particular media. Instead, she chooses to work with oils, pastels, inks, printmaking, textiles and even Perspex in a bid to bring her vision to life. Her art is contemporary in style, and features a strong feminine perspective, expressed in vibrant colours strewn with splashes of playfulness and freedom.

She’d be drawing with sticks in the sand if she had nothing else. It's a compulsive drive, a freeflowing tool for self-expression that represents both her personality and unique life perspective. Over many years, she’s been able to build relationships with many chosen tools. It doesn’t matter the media; she uses whatever she can to relate to the world around her.

A love of life and all it offers is evident in Samantha’s philosophy. When not working on her own pieces, she conducts workshops from her studio. Working with small groups, seeking to inspire emerging artists, and give them the confidence they need to work freely and without barriers. The formation of The Bop Arts Co-op (a non-for-profit regional arts co-op) which she has directed since early 2016 further capitalises on this goal.

Samantha’s latest exhibition is Object a transformative exploration of Clarice Cliffs work in design and a statement juxtaposing art and design, Object demonstrates that great Art is purposeless design and great design is purposeful Art. She currently exhibits in a range of galleries Internationally and works from her home studio in Lethbridge, Victoria.

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