Paul Gennings

My work is constantly evolving with the discovery of new methods and processes. It is this sense of discovery that excites and forms the aesthetic foundation of my work. Balancing the combination of very different materials such as ceramic and steel is both challenging and rewarding. The use of stoneware clay bodies is central to most pieces, utilizing primitive firing methods. The nature of firing with wood facilitates an intimate connection with every part of what I create,  from collecting the wood to sensing when to stoke the fire to get the most radiant heat. Parts of the method used in making my work are the same used by the indian cultures of New Mexico and thou I use similar techniques I do not attempt to imitate their forms or their aesthetic heritage, it is about using their accumulated knowledge as a springboard to discovery in my  own art. I am currently working from my studio in Fernbank in East Gippsland Victoria Australia.

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