Nyrel Saunders

 My fascination with the Australian landscape began as a child during a train trip in 1945 with my mother and brothers.  The trip across the arbor, where the train stopped regularly at the track and native camps and where the light across the flat plains was so brilliant and clear that you could see to the horizon.  My love and fascination for this magnificent country began in Shotts a tiny mining town in the great southern forests of Western Australia where the trees reach for the sky and the only sounds are the creatures who live there. 

This was the start of many journeys around this country and our neighbour New Zealand.  I have lived, worked and painted in three of our major cities and travelled the roads from Sydney to the West and North and back again a number of times.  I am now settled in regional Victoria where the landscape provides a different perspective with its scrubby forests and decaying buildings, the parched land until the rains come and the golden harvest appears.

My work has developed and changed and I now work across the spectrum of the visual arts including the people and detritus that we leave behind in our landscape.  Printmaking and etching in particular impact heavily on my work as I enjoy the necessary discipline, professionalism and dedicated attention to detail that is required and continue to experiment with its many processes. 


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Art Form: Visual Arts

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