Michaela Goldberg

Michaela Goldberg, born 1977 in Israel, relocated to Melbourne in 2016 and has completed a Master of Fine Arts at RMIT in Melbourne. 

Michaela's influences include her own personal experiences, history, and biography along with current natural disasters, scientific phenomena and early shadow theatre works.

She is a multidisciplinary artist that works predominantly with found and repurposed materials in addition to paper, in a wide range of formats. She is experienced with drawing and installation taking ideas from chambers of curiosity and old museums as way of curating and assembling work.

In her studio practice, experimentation is used as a tool to develop ideas and as a thinking process to guide the intuitive approach to her work. Trial and error along with a hands-on approach guide this process.

Since graduating from her bachelor’s in fine art in 2014 she has participated in group exhibitions in Israel and has works in private collections.

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Member Type: individual
Location: Belgrave
Art Form: Community Arts

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