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Born in Melbourne, Melisa Savickas was raised by Lithuanian immigrant parents who were deeply invested in the culture of their homeland. Surrounded by Lithuanian artists’ printmaking and woodcrafts and literature about the Arts, it was natural to feel an affinity to the creative arts.

Melisa gained a Visual Arts Education degree, where Photography quickly became her primary focus and led onto a career in Photography and continued her creative practice using the camera, Adobe Creative Suite programs and acrylic painting.

Melisa’s artistic photography explores the inner workings of her mind and contains imagery that has multiple directions with deeper meaning. Her interest in detail in her photographic artworks means they often contain unexpected elements and are developed from multiple images. Some elements may be altered to emphasise intended meaning or enhance the mood. Her work often examines the fascination with the forms of nature where she responds with a perspective of her own. She is passionate about nature's forms and plant life and finds the structures a never-ending source of inspiration. It is her hope that she might influence some viewers to be more aware of environmental issues and learn to respect nature more consciously. Apart from botanical subject matter, she also explores abstract and portraiture work in her photography, combining human elements with natural and created forms to express the intended message.

Melisa also paints, exploring similar themes to her photographs, with nature taking a front seat as focal point. Her work may be described as Biomorphic in style, with abstraction and tonal explorations a key element. Her photographic jewellery work contains artworks of plant matter, in miniature sizes, behind glass domes. The jewellery contains imagery specifically captured, processed and created for wearing on the body, with a story at the centre of each piece.

Melisa has a micro business in Photography, centering on wedding and events, and some corporate work. She belongs to the women’s art group TAM ( and exhibits with them regularly, as well as in independent exhibitions.

Artist CV
Melisa Savickas
Personal Details
Melisa Savickas (b.1970, Melbourne)

2016 – current - Photographer –
2023 - current - Casual Relief Teacher (Secondary)

Bachelor of Education – Visual Arts (Photography Major) 1993

Selected Exhibitions
2023 The Mother Hood, Red Gallery (T.A.M. Group Show)
2022 The Eltham Rotary Inaugural Art Show, Eltham Reception Centre (Group Show)
2022 ‘Be Wise’ Pat Cronin Foundation Art Show, Barn Gallery, Montsalvat (Group Show)
2022 The Artistry of Books, Eltham Library Community Gallery (T.A.M. Group Show)
2021 Momentum, Barn Gallery, Montsalvat (T.A.M. Group Show)
2021 Nature’s Forms, Bolin Bolin Gallery, Bulleen (2 Artist Show with Issa Ouattara)
2021 Art In The Time Of Covid-19, Barn Gallery, Montsalvat (Group Show)
2020 The Escapism of Creativity, Online Exhibition (T.A.M. Group Show)
2020 CAS A4 Art Australia Exhibition 2020, Herring Island Gallery, Yarra River, South Yarra
2020 Passage of Time, AGRA Galleries, Camberwell (MAVA Collective Group Show)
2019 Connectivity, The Boulevard Café at Montsalvat, Eltham (Solo Show)
2019 Full Circle, The Vines Café, Diamond Creek (T.A.M. Group show)
2019 Artsbridge 2019 Contemporary Art Exhibition, Hurstbridge Primary School Hall, Hurstbridge
2019 ACMD Research Week Acquisitive Art Prize, Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery, Melbourne
2019 Out of the Blue, Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham (T.A.M. Group show)
2019 Suburban Oasis, In.cub8r Gallery & Emporium, Collingwood
2019 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton (T.A.M. Group show)
2018 Contrast, The Vines Café, Diamond Creek (T.A.M. Group show)
2018 In the Pink, Montsalvat Long Gallery, Eltham (T.A.M. Group show)
2018 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, Royal Exhibition Buildings, Carlton (T.A.M. Group show)
2017 Grids, The Vines Café, Diamond Creek (T.A.M. Group show)
2016 Australian Lithuanian Days Art Exhibition, Gallery Voltaire, North Melbourne
Commissions & Grants
2020 - 2021 Neighbourhood Activation Project Artist – ‘Wings’, Banyule City Council
2020 - 2021 Art In The Time Of Covid-19 Artist, Nillumbik City Council
2023 - current - Regional Arts Victoria
2020 - current - Banyule Pinpoint Artist
2017- current Member - T.A.M. aka ‘Thou Art Mum’ women’s artist group (Diamond Valley)
2019 - current - MAVA Collective (Melbourne and Victorian Artists)
2018 - 2019 Vice President, T.A.M. aka ‘Thou Art Mum’ women’s artist group (Diamond Valley)
2017 - 2018 Secretary, T.A.M. aka ‘Thou Art Mum’ women’s artist group (Diamond Valley)

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Member Type: Individual
Art Form: Photography, Community Arts, Visual Arts, Digital Technologies, Jewellery

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