Lauren Wittingslow

I was told told that being and artist wasn't a good career choice in regards to finace. Well I suppose the doubters were right but sometimes a career just chooses you and you have no word in the matter. I am inextricably teathered to the insatiable urge to make all the things... experimenting and creating with natural material using reckless abandon until I draw my last breath. 

With formal studies in Visual arts, Graphic Communication, Textiles (including Costume and Millery), Multimedia, Education and Business one can start to see my passion for life long learning. It is not just about my own development either, I am very passionate about teaching to anyone who wishes to advance their creativity. 

I teach across a broad spectrum of creative diciplines from botanical dyeing to pottery. 

In my own personal creative practice you may find me working on handspun and handwoven wearable art or other textile creation in the chilly months of the year. Come warmer days you wil catch me illustrating or potting and those in-between days I will no doubt be bashing away in wood shed on some mad musical hybrid. I am very much an artist completely swayed by the seasons, by the natural materials at my fingertips and by the environment that inspires me so. 

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Member Type: individual
Location: Wodonga
Art Form: Craft

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