Jessica Harris

Jessica Harris is a multimedia artist living and working in the Yarra Ranges outside of Melbourne. She approaches most mediums with enthusiasm but at the moment is fixated on collage and drawing. 
The key themes of her work are exploring the human condition. The majority of her work is an emotional response to an everyday event seemingly small and insignificant but at the time monumental. Looking at the emotions of relationships and dealing with the everyday trivialities is what inspires her art the most. Her work also deals with larger world wide issues that affect every one directly or indirectly. 
Jessica has a certificate in Graphic Design as well as a Fine Arts Degree, Graduate Diploma of Primary School Education and a Graduate Diploma of ESL teaching. She is a passionate and enthusiastic local Primary School Art Specialist and has been from the last 7 years. 
Jessica has exhibited across Australia since 2002. She is always involved in something and loves to donate her work and contribute positively to change in the world one small step at a time. She runs art classes in her home 'The Joy Ave studio' for children and youth to share her love of artmaking with the next generation.

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Member Type: individual
Location: Melbourne
Art Form: Visual Arts

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