Issa Ouattara

 Issa Ouattara - Artist at a glance

  •    Issa is from Cote d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in West Africa
  •    Ouattara is pronounced ‘Watt-A-Ra’
  •    Ivorian based french artist/sculptor Michelle Tadjo mentored Issa until her untimely
    death when Issa was just 21 years old
  •    After Michelle’s death he became a successful exhibiting artist in Cote d’Ivoire in his
    own right
  •    Meandering via South Africa, Issa immigrated to Australia with his partner Monica and daughters
    Angela & Sophie in late 2011
  •    In 2012, Issa began to exhibit in Australia participating in the Castlemaine
    Winter Spirit Exhibition, Sutton Grange Art Show,  Lot 19 Spring Sculpture Show, Brighton Pink
    Lady Art Show, as well as the Sydney Rd, Brunswick ‘Window Frames’ and with an
    individual exhibition at the Convent Gallery Daylesford   
  •    In 2012, Issa was awarded ‘Best Sculpture’ at the 
    Sutton Grange Art Show & winner at Sydney Rd, Brunswick ‘Window
  •    In 2013, Issa had a solo exhibition at the Ballarat BackSpace Gallery (March) and
    will participate in the inaugural Lavendula Sculpture Show (May 6 - June 1), the Toorak
    Village Sculpture Exhibition (May 5 - June 15) and with an ongoing revolving sculpture
    exhibition at the Convent Gallery in Daylesford

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