Howard Maylor


Howard Maylor - Advanced Diploma in Photography (Art)

My works cover a variety of styles and subjects . Character tree studies and evocative local landscapes feature along with the 'Curious Country' collection. Often a scene that attracts the eye fails to look the same or convey the mood or feeling when shown as a photograph. By applying textures and colours to the original photograph in the same manner as a painter applies paint and strokes to a canvas. I aim to recreate a true feeling for the mood, character and ambience of the original scene. Of course there are times when it is possible to capture the scene and little work needed to convey these feelings in the photo, these images also are part of my collection.

Previously based in the Macedon Ranges area of Central Victoria,  Australia I have moved to Ballarat and will be exploring the local area to add to my collections. Having been interested in photography for many years I sought to elevate this to a professional level and graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Photgraphy in 2011. My photography is influenced by the beauty of the local  area and all it's seasonal, light and weather variations. Of particular interest is to show the unusual and fragile features that are often over looked although  my photography extends well beyond these boundaries. From concept to photographing to preparing and printing, meticulous attention is paid to making images of high quality and longevity that will be enjoyed for a very long time. All steps of this process is undertaken inhouse.

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