Elisabeth Bromley

Elisabeth fell in love with textile art and arts sourced directly from nature when she was a child in the Highlands of West Papua. Her parents were missionaries and she learned to love Land and life and the long intriguing journey of exploring different cultures for wisdom and inspiratation. She is a mother, an artist and arts facilitator, a writer and dreamer. She looks out at our world and sees it full of wonder and possibility, heart ache and beauty - and an endless source of Play.

She has helped facilitate Community Arts projects, created art installations for community events, taught adults and children's hand felting and other art classes, facilitated craft workshops at a vast variety of events, and continues to explore her own artistic journey as a textile, visual and multi-media artist, and a writer.

A playful stream-of-consciousness drawing style has remained constant in the midst of many explorations of art - multi-media projects, installations, working with children to bring their art to life, and wearable/functional textile art. She often incorporates hand-netted textiles of West Papua into her work - made from hand-spun string, coloured with ochre, berries and orchid fibres, stitched into rows of interconnected figure eights - the symbol of Eternity embodied in an ancient and functional craft. For Elisabeth the ancient crafts are the domain of the Great Goddess of Life Death and Regeneration, explored by archaeologists such as Marija Gimbutas - and when we touch the ancient skills of our species, we literally hold hands with the Ancestors. We connect to Timeless Play, and a state of being that is simply Home. 

Elisabeth is available to facilitate arts workshops for Community Events, Business functions or Arts projects for Schools. She also runs hand-felting workshops and creates multi-media art and wearable-usable-beautiful art for individual sale. Contact her via the details below. 

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Member Type: individual
Location: Eltham
Art Form: Community Arts

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