Deanne Howlett

I am a visual artist working with paint, who loves the natural environment. My work is inspired by the landscape and flora of East Gippsland where I reside, in stark contrast to where I spent my early years living in outback South Australia.

Painting with acrylic on canvas, my inspiration is taken from the beauty of my local area, from the magnificent alpine region through to the expansive lake and river system, and extensive coastline.

I like to reduce a scene to it’s most elemental lines and forms; fluid, bold and strong, and then overlay it with an almost iconic image of the local flora akin to a sculptural, architectural form.

The majority of my paintings are of landscapes, featuring iconic local scenery, as well as lesser known locations.

As an artist, I have facilitated numerous creative workshops to varying audiences of all ages and skills, keen to share with them my love of the arts. I have also worked on a couple of community arts projects, and am keen to do more.

Most recently, I was employed as a Creative Worker through Regional Arts Victoria’s funded ‘Creative Workers in Schools’ program. Working within a Primary School setting, my project had a focus on the process of art-making, the flow of landscape elements, and “going with the flow” (mental health/wellbeing).

I have an RMIT Bachelor Degree in Visual Communication (Graphic Design), and have worked as an artist/illustrator for the Leader Newspaper Group. 

I have been in numerous gallery group exhibitions and art shows, winning awards of ‘Best Painting’, ‘Highly Commended’, etc. My paintings are represented in private collections throughout Australia.


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Member Type: individual
Location: Paynesville
Art Form: Community Arts

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