Dawn Lim

Dawn migrated to Australia from England as a young adult. She worked as an intuitive artist before graduating with honours in Art from Federation University. Her work has been collected across the globe including the Pyrenees Shire collection and she is the recipient of numerous regional awards for her Daoist-inspired, abstract work.

Dawn has also returned to weaving, making clothes from her fabrics.

She lives a peaceful, creative, spiritual life with her husband Chai, in Dunolly Victoria.

"I have been attending art Lessons from Dawn Lim now for several months. What I find amazing is her ability to get from me artwork that is truly reflective of a landscape. I have had no previous art lessons and was very nervous about learning. Dawn is friendly and has an encouraging manner that immediately puts nerves to rest. Her passion for art, her quiet praise and ability to take the whole class on this learning journey is wonderful. Thank you Dawn, very much."

- Testimonial: Alison Cheater, former Principal at Elmhurst Primary School.

Dawn portrait

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Art Form: Visual Arts, Textiles, Rare Trades

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