Caroline Miller

I teach and perform American Tribal Style Bellydance.  Ive been teaching American Tribal Style Bellydance (ATS)  for 6 six years and performing for 10 years. This I am the founding director of Red Earth Ghawazee and am also a member of Bohka Tribal Bellydance.

 My student troupe Alizarin, regularly performs at local festivals and functions to the delight of the audience.  ATS was created by Carolena Nericcio director of FatchanceBellydance in San Franciso some 45 years ago.  This style of bellydance is an improvised style, we have body cues and learned moves which allows the dancers to move as one.  Our costuming is not from any specific country, but like dancers through the decades is derived from elements of costuming from countries we are inspired by.....always colourful, often dramatic our style of dance is exciting, fun and enjoyable to do. 

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Member Type: individual
Location: Croydon
Art Form: Dance

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