Bogong Centre for Sound Culture

The Bogong Centre for Sound Culture (B–CSC) was established by Madelynne Cornish and Philip Samartzis in 2010. The aim of the initiative is to provide access and opportunity for artists to respond to the environmental, social and cultural forces underpinning the Victorian Alpine region and its attendant community. The B–CSC actively promotes regional Victoria through specially curated projects, publications, site responsive masterclasses, and artist in residence opportunities.

The B–CSC is informed by a broad suite of site-specific art practices, underpinned by social, political and environmental concerns. It draws on a rich and complex history of art, sound and music to articulate new experiences and encounters of space and place. Influences include sound art and acoustic ecology, environmental activism, experimental and avant-garde movements, marginalised communities, and socially engaged art practices. By drawing on an assortment of provocative and original cultural and political reference points, the B–CSC seeks to challenge the way remote and regional areas and their attendant stakeholders, communities and ecologies, are understood and appreciated.

About Our Member

Member Type: group
Location: Bogong Village
Art Form: Multi Art-form

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