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Selected highlights of Beechworth Arts Council's events throughout 2012 include:

Beechworth Arts Council Neighbourhood Fair held April, October and December (held on 1st Saturday of the month to coincide with the Beechworth Farmers Market), held at the  Beechworth Neighbourhood Centre showcasing the work of local artists and artisans including quality arts + craft + preloved + vintage + retro.

The inaugural WRAP 2012 Beechworth Arts Council’s Writers, Readers and Poets’ (WRAP) weekend in February 2012 was a great success. The guests were Prof. Kevin Brophy (Head of Creative Writing, University of Melbourne), Dr. Eddie Paterson (University of Melbourne), A. Frances Johnson, Anthony Lynch, Carol R Reffold, Marisabel Bonet-Cruz, Roxanne Bodsworth, Bernard Bolan, Ken Haley, Amy Brown, Corinna Box, Dr. Nola Firth, Prof. Paddy Dewan, Frank Prem, Ian Trevaskis and Pam Store, other and readers and writers presented readings at the Poetry at the Post Office and Poetry on the Platform venue. Beechworth Arts Council acknowledges the support of Professor Kevin Brophy, Dr Eddie Paterson and their colleagues from the School of Culture and Communication, University of Melbourne.

Writers workshops Held every third Sunday of the month at the Beechworth Station Youth Centre. This group offers a chance to meet with other writers once a month, become inspired, and workshop your material with writer and poet, Roxanne Bodsworth.

Image: Eddie Paterson Poets Breakfast, 2012

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