Barbara Hauser

Barbara Hauser was born in Munich - Germany 1965. Her early interests in art led to a study of art and graphik design in Munich between 1983-1987. Paintings became her medium of choice.

Since that time she has sought instruction and inspiration from around the world. Travels have taken her to the far corners of the world. Indonesia, Africa, Europe, USA and Australia have featured on her travel itinerary. She has a voracious curiosity for the world and its people leading her to opserve humanity at close quarters. She is especially interested in the dispossessed, the vulnerable and minority groups wihin communities.

Her paintings reflect this preoccupation. Subjects vary from prostitutes to strippers to participants in the London Carnival.. Her often enormous canvases leap off the wall demanding attention, leaving the viewer in no doupt about the intrinsic importance this painter places on all of humanity. Painted in flamboyant colour, she imbues her subjects with a sense of ownership of their space in the canvas and by implication their space in the world. The viewer comes away from her work in no doupt of man's capacity to find strength in adversity.

During recent travels to Australia, it is no surprise that she has taken an interest of Australians. The paintings are already underway.

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Member Type: individual
Location: Melbourne
Art Form: Visual Arts

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