Ballarat Arts alive

Ballarat Arts Alive, a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation, provides a flexible forum for discussion, development, advocacy, and action supporting the arts and artists of Ballarat and surrounds.

We work towards a friendly, vibrant, visible arts presence that reflects Ballarat’s creative culture, acknowledging its First Nations story, its colonial past, and its future as a high-profile regional city.

Founded by local artists wanting to connect with other artists and raise the profile of arts & culture in the region, we welcome new artists, invite them to network with us, and acclimatise.  As an Incorporated Association we can auspice grants on behalf of artists. Our committee of management & sub-committees meet regularly.

Our Facebook page is very well-used and is the main communication tool in the region for all things arts, outside Ballarat City Council. When we aren't in a pandemic lockdown and restrictions have eased, we organise regular events for members to meet up, share info and explore opportunities. BAA promotes local events to regional audiences.

Ballarat has a long and intense history of art and artists that have played important roles in Australia's creative development. We want art and artists to re-establish and re-enforce this connection, to be at the forefront of planning and decision-making because we know that creatives make a vital contribution to healthy, vibrant & sustainable communities.

In collaboration with Ballarat City Council's Arts & Culture Unit, we help maintain the Central Highlands Arts Atlas website. The Arts Atlas is mainly accessed as a site full of free profile listings for artists of all genres from the region, and spaces that are available. Everyone can access this. You can search for an artist that has the specific talents you're after or the kind of space you need to fit your requirements. It also has a news and events component to the site.

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Member Type: group
Location: Ballarat
Art Form: Community Arts

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