ARCANE inc: Autistic-led Regional Culture Arts Neurodiversity Education and Employment

Together with our president, Louise Cooper, we are the founders of Australia's first and only neurodiversity arts festival, Sensory Sanctuary. We also enjoy speaking on topics of neurodiversity from education informed, lived experience perspectives.

The purposes of the association are to:
• create and promote Autistic arts and culture in Australia, particularly in regional areas.
• bring the Autistic and neurodivergent communities together and improve quality of life.
• increase Autistic and neurodiversity education throughout Australia, particularly in regional areas.
• increase access to the arts, community events and festivals
• spark new Autistic-led community events and festivals
• increase Autistic and neurodivergent employment, particularly in regional Australia.

In 2024, our president Louise Cooper is funded by the Victorian government through Creative Victoria to run neurodiversity workshops in 11 community houses throughout the state.

About Our Member

Member Type: Group
Art Form: Seminar, Talks/Lectures, Masterclass, Community Arts, Festival, Multi Art-form, Other, Courses, Writing & Publishing