July message from RAV CEO Jo Porter

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all well, maybe getting some rain and that your creative projects are flourishing despite (and maybe in response to) world events and the tight financial climate. 

Reflecting on RAV’s own circumstances and creative projects, we have been touched and excited by the results of our fundraising campaign YEAH! Built around a Plus1 grant that matched donations, we raised approximately $70,000 between March and June 2024. As many of you know, fundraising is a reality for not-for-profits like RAV and the results allow us to continue supporting you and your communities across regional Victoria. Our deepest thanks to those of you who donated amounts large and small, and to those of you who came to “friend-raising” events in Wonthaggi and Warrnambool.  

You might ask “why” when we suggest leaving your cosy armchair to dodge wild creatures on the road so you can see a show and gossip with creative types on a winter night. But connection and validation are why! The energy and joy that RAV members and their friends are generating at our Member Meet Ups is palpable and we want to see you there. It’s about the connections that support us during challenging times, plus a bit of news/gossip (hey, we’re entertainment professionals) … don’t we all need that? Last Friday thanks to Portland Arts Centre, Susie Lyons and Stacey Barnes hosted a “do” before Stephen Hall’s Letters to My Heroes. Our other July catch ups include Traralgon, Kyneton and Camperdown. Do come along: it’s free and fun and we love meeting you in person. Details of these upcoming events can be found on here.

If you’re making creative work that you want to take on the road, consider applying for Touring Victoria support which closes 1 August. The funding is for travel costs associated with moving your work and includes the cost of touring to Melbourne by regionally based artists. We know funding is very competitive, but we also know that getting your work seen beyond your home base can generate other opportunities. Please do be in touch with our regional managers to chat through your ideas if you need someone to bounce off. 

Whether you’re a presenter or producer, your planning for the future might include Showcase Victoria. This year’s edition (produced by the Victorian Association of Performing Arts Centres) gathered programmers and presenters for 48 excerpts and pitches for performances, information about 31 contemporary music acts and invaluable networking opportunities for all attendees. Based on presenter interest, tours for 2025 and 2026 are currently being scheduled. It’s not too early to be thinking about whether you might want to participate in Showcase 2025. This is particularly the case for circus and physical theatre companies because presenters will be eligible for funding to present CaPT work in 2026. Regional CaPT artists should keep an eye on RAV social media for opportunities to offset their travel expenses in relation to participating in Showcase 2025.

Best wishes, Jo

P.S. Membership!  Keep an eye out for your renewal information next week and of course that includes the opportunity to benefit from the bulk purchasing power of our Member’s insurance policies.  If you’ve been a Member for a while you’ll know that we renewing in advance of 31 October allows our Insurance Partner GSA time to negotiate a great deal for our members. 

Image by RAV Member Sharon Greenaway

Posted 9 July 2024