A Buzz About Balmoral – image by Clare Ryan.

Assessment Criteria – Regional Arts Fund

Providing quality information that is clear and concise within the available word limits is essential. Templates for budgets, work plans and addressing assessment criteria will be provided in the application form.  

You will need to address all of the following five assessment criteria in your application. All assessment criteria are given equal weighting.  

The amount of detail and supporting evidence you provide in your application should be relative to the size, complexity and grant amount requested. All applications for funding must include realistic budgets and represent value with money. 

Criterion 1 – Impact

Encourage and support sustainable economic, social and cultural outcomes in regional communities.  

Where applicable, you should demonstrate this through identifying:  

  • long term outcomes  
  • demonstrated need for the project in community  
  • creation of opportunities for future arts and cultural activity  
  • sustainable economic benefits (eg tourism, employment of artists)  
  • sustainable social benefits (eg health, social cohesion, access, health and wellbeing). 

Criterion 2 – Support and Partnerships

Develop partnerships and networks which leverage financial and/or in-kind support for regional arts projects and encourage ongoing collaboration.  

Where applicable, you should demonstrate this through identifying:  

  • community support and engagement  
  • financial and project partners  
  • level of co-contribution (cash and/or in-kind)  
  • development of networks, collaborations and partnerships.  

Criterion 3 – Reach

Develop audiences and broaden community engagement with the arts Where applicable, you should demonstrate this through identifying:  

  • access to social and cultural development opportunities for diverse communities, practitioners, participants and/or audiences  
  • opportunities for community members or groups to participate in the arts  
  • development of audiences by attracting new attendees/participants  
  • development of audiences by extending their experience of the arts  
  • geographical spread of the project.

Criterion 4 – Opportunity

Increase employment and professional development opportunities for, and raise the profile of, regional and remote artists.  

Where applicable, you should demonstrate this through identifying:  

  • employment opportunities for regional artists or arts workers  
  • profile raising of regional artists or arts workers  
  • opportunity for an artist to access an exceptional or rare opportunity  
  • skills development. 

Criterion 5 – Quality & Viability

Support quality and viability of artistic and cultural activity. Where applicable, you should demonstrate this through identifying:  

  • experience/calibre of the applicant organisation/individual in the relevant field  
  • strength of outcomes relevant to scope of project 
  • skills, expertise/calibre of the key personnel including participating artists  
  • benefits to project participants  
  • benefits to audiences, the arts and cultural sector and the Australian community 
  • need for funding support 
  • quality and viability of project plan, timeline and budget 
  • all personnel are appropriately paid and these details are outlined in the project budget.