The Forgotten Warrior

A true story of a First Nation Australian’s journey as a Soldier in World War One

By The Storey Players

Available as part of the 2024 Creative Learning Program

Australian History | Drama | Different perspectives

A true story of a First Nation Australian’s journey as a soldier in WW1.

The story of Peter Craigie, a Wangkamahdla man who rode his horse 1700kms to enlist in WW1, this production uses cinema and live theatre to engage students in real-life history that is relevant and moving.  

Featuring descendants of the Craigie family, The Forgotten Warrior takes audiences on a journey from outback Australia to the trenches of WW1 and back again. The work explores some of the reasons why Indigenous soldiers chose to fight for a Government who had stolen from them, and how they were treated upon their return. The Forgotten Warrior aims to encourage conversations and inspire students to learn more about the 1000+ Indigenous soldiers who fought in WW1 alone.  

Australians learn about Anzac Day, and remember and honour all the men who enlisted to fight for our country, but what do we know about the First Nations Warriors who also enlisted to fight? Do students know that over 1000 First Nations men signed up despite the fact their Country, language and way of life had been stolen by the British invaders? 

The Forgotten Warrior addresses these questions in an accessible, moving and engaging production that has touched people all over the country.  

The Forgotten Warrior was written in collaboration with Trevina Rogers, a Pitta Pitta woman from NW QLD and the great niece of Peter Craigie. Trevina translated some of the text into the endangered Pitta Pitta language, so it is an excellent opportunity for students to hear this beautiful language and start a conversation about local language. 

The project was developed during lockdown in 2020, and the result is a stunning combination of film, live acting and puppetry that keeps students of all ages deeply engaged in the story. 

Both actors on the film are Indigenous – Jack Mahoney is a Bidjara man from the Augathella region of QLD and Jazleen David De Busch is a Kaanju and Pitta Pitta woman and a Craigie family member. 

This Forgotten Warrior is about truth-telling in regard to the 1000+ Indigenous soldiers who enlisted in WW1 and who upon their return were disrespected, with acknowledgement for the sacrifice they had made for their country. It is also a show about hope – hope that things will get better and by confronting these issues a new generation will take these ideas and this story forward into the future.  

$100 from each performance booked will be re-directed to the Pitta Pitta community in North West Queensland. 

Please note: Councils, Venues and Community Presenters are welcome to book through the Creative Learning Program. Contact the team at [email protected] to confirm the program fee. 

About This Event

Metro: 29/01/2024-28/03/2024
Metro: 07/10/2024-20/12/2024
Regional: 29/01/2024-28/03/2024
Regional: 07/10/2024-20/12/2024
Presented by:

The Storey Players

Art Form:

Children's Theatre

Booking Details: Performance duration: 60 minutes + 15 minutes Q&A

Minimum Fee: $1320 + GST for groups of up to 120 students. Additional students $10 per head

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Max Students in Class: 200

Suitable for which years: Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12,

Terms Available: Term 2, Term 3, Term 4,

Curriculum links: The Arts – Drama, Media, The Humanities – History, Geography 

Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking