Tash York’s Happy Hour

A raucous and rowdy filled Happy Hour with incredible music, Yakult shots and outrageously funny cabaret. 

Touring as part of the 2024 Touring Services Program

Tash York and the Red Red Wines invite you to their world where life is celebrated one glass at a time. A raucous and rowdy filled happy hour with incredible music, Good of Fortune and outrageously funny cabaret. Think Meow Meow meets Bianca Del Rio on a budget!  

The Trash Queen of Cabaret Tash York is determined to find out what makes us happy. Is it finishing that 3rd bottle of wine? Staying up until 3am because you don’t want the night to end? Buying yet another cat? (She has 3 already you know…)   

After 2 years lost to the global panini, Tash York’s Happy Hour is set to thrill you even more than a half-price wine list. Tash unapologetically drinks a pool of wine, practices self-care, slays her insecurities, and makes the effort to make sure everyone leaves their troubles at the door. Backed by her boozy music makers and backing singers The Red Red Wines (Peppy Smears & Vivian Fonteyn) expect powerful 3-part harmonies, hilarious true stories, improvised numbers and of course Australia’s favourite game – Goon of Fortune!   

Don’t let the makeup, wigs and costumes fool you; Tash York is as bogan as they come. Celebrated with countless awards and glowing reviews, your Hostess with the Mostess (wine) Tash York is a multi-award winning cabaret artist who has been touring the world with her hit solo shows and is also celebrated Emcee of The After Hours Cabaret Club, The Australian Burlesque Festival and Briefs: Sweatshop.  

Company Bio  

Big Hair Productions is solely based around the work of acclaimed performer Tash York. Begun in 2014, Tash has run the company independently with a focus on her solo shows, but has since grown to produce and mentor other artists’ work (Isabella Valette, Vivian Fonteyn, Belinda Hanne Reid). Other notable group projects include Petty Bitches with Boo Dwyer and more recently Attention Seekers with Dolly Diamond. 

Booking details for Presenters

Touring window: May & October 2024
Artform: Cabaret, Comedy
Ideal for: Recommended for audiences 18+. Contains coarse language, sexual references, themes of drinking & mental health, loud noises. 

Booking details for Audiences

Venues and booking details to come soon, check back later.

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Big Hair Productions

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Booking Details: 60 minutes. Recommended for audiences 18+. Contains coarse language, sexual references, themes of drinking & mental health, loud noises.

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