Tales of a Humble Patty Pan Website and – "Cupcake’s Greatest Hits" Album Release

"'I have always dreamed of swimming with seahorses.. my dream has come true and I can't believe it," Patty Pan Cupcake. February 2024

A music and video celebration of a joyful yearlong Creative Fellowship at the State Library of Victoria with thanks to the Marion Orme Page Regional Fellowships in association with Regional Arts Victoria.

After a year of looking at Decorative Patty Pans and related food packaging history as part of this Creative Fellowship at the State Library in 2023, I stumbled into the making of this imaginary record cover /t-shirt image as an experiment with Stable Diffusion “Machine Learning” or “A.I” image making from text prompts.

This is now the tame, wild, and not always wonderful, sonic journeys of my fictional character, Cupcake. Available on Bandcamp see link below. The “Tales of a Humble Patty Pant” website is also up at https://www.paulfletcherart.com/

About This Event

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Paul Fletcher

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Multi Art-form

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