Mabel & Switch

A student-made television show about a girl and a robot

By One Day Studios 

Touring as part of the 2024 Creative Learning Program

Film and production | Friendship | Technology & innovation
The show has been made by young people, mentored by industry professionals. The team at One Day Studios is made up of animators, artists, film-makers and musicians who all work in film and creative industries. Their credits include Mad Max and Happy Feet. 

Students watch the 15 minute pilot episode and a short documentary that shows young people aged from 10 to 23 working behind the scenes on the production. The One Day Studios team will bring props and costumes, including one of the robot stars, and will conduct a Q&A session after the screening followed by a fun and engaging workshop where students can gain some real backstage skills. Students will gain insights into the way films and television shows are made, including electronic music composition, costume design, script writing, miniatures and editing. Workshop content is fun and engaging while being matched to curriculum areas, particularly for media and visual communication. 

Workshop Years F-6: Create your own robot character from the Mabel & Switch universe out of recycled materials and motors.  

Workshop Years 7-9: Miniature Building. Learn some of the tools and techniques for making miniatures for film. 

Workshop Years 10-12: Miniature Building and 3D Scanning. Build a miniature set together and scan it with a 3D scanner. Learn about how 3D scans may be exported for use in gaming, Augmented Reality or 3D printing. 

One Day Studios was established in Warrnambool to provide opportunities for people living in regional Victoria to have access to real-world experience in digital media, including film, animation, electronic music, gaming, augmented reality and virtual reality applications. Students can do work experience, work placement, attend after school classes or come to holiday workshops at the studio and help make the Mabel & Switch show.  

The story of Mabel & Switch was developed with input from many of the brilliant young minds from South West Victoria. There was a consensus that the storyline should address feelings of isolation and the difficulties of finding your tribe, and of maintaining good relationships when you do.  

The world in which Mabel & Switch live is inspired by the real-life adventures of Sir Fletcher Jones, who built a clothing factory in Warrnambool. Fletcher built a giant silver ball over the factory in tribute to the Trylon & Perisphere from the 1939 World Fair in New York. The original display there included Electro the Robot, and inspired Fletcher to adopt new technologies for his factory. In Mabel’s world, Fletcher has been building robots for decades! 

Themes include consumerism and its effect on the environment. In Mabel’s world, manufacturing is kept to a minimum and recycling is commonplace. Society is torn between those who reject all technology and those who seek to use it harmoniously. The themes are presented in a science-fiction skin, inviting students to engage their imaginations and critical thinking faculties. Comparisons may be drawn to literary texts such as Lord of the Flies, I am Legend and any number of post-apocalyptic novels. 

Please note: Councils, Venues and Community Presenters are welcome to book through the Creative Learning Program. Contact the team at [email protected] to confirm the program fee. 

About This Event

Metro: 27/05/2024-31/05/2024
Regional: 27/05/2024-31/05/2024
Presented by:

One Day Studios

Art Form:

Multi Art-form
Visual Communication Design

Booking Details: Workshop duration: 2 hours, Performance duration: 40 minutes including Q&A

Minimum Fee: $1200 + GST for full day workshop

Additional Information

Max Students in Class: Max no. of students: 120 for video of performance, 26 per workshop

Suitable for which years: Prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Year 7, Year 8, Year 9, Year 10, Year 11, Year 12,

Terms Available: Term 2,

Curriculum links: The Arts – Drama, Media and Visual Communication Design 

Capabilities: Critical and Creative Thinking, Personal and Social