Hello Red Planet

When Earth’s problems seem too hard, it’s time to head to the Red Planet!

Touring as part of the 2024 Touring Services Program

Humankind is moving to Mars. (We promise, it’s the best way to dodge those Earthly troubles). Your town is being re-located to the Red Planet, and attending this info session is required viewing. No more mosquitos, no more bothersome birds and no more noisy ocean vistas and smelly trees. Mars offers stunning landscapes of endless, featureless desolation. Learn what’s coming along, and who’s not.

A new hybrid documentary / puppetry / theatre show, Hello Red Planet involves the voices of dozens of participants from each community on the tour.  

Join renowned storytellers Bunk Puppets for a satirical information session laying out their daring escape plan from Earth. Because when Earth’s problems seem too hard, it’s time to head to the Red Planet!


Mildura Arts Centre
21 August 2024, 7pm

Horsham Town Hall
28 August 2024, 7pm

Portland Arts Centre
30 August 2024, 7pm

Kyneton Town Hall
14 September 2024, 7.30pm

West Gippsland Arts Centre
19 September 2024, 7pm

Warburton Arts Centre
9 November 2024, 6.30pm

Images: Created by Bunk Puppets using AI.

DISCLAIMER: All details are correct at the time of publishing. Images and information provided on this page about the production are for descriptive purposes and do not always represent the content of the show.

About This Event

When & Where

Mildura Arts Centre: 21/08/2024
Horsham Town Hall: 28/08/2024
Portland Arts Centre: 30/08/2024
Kyneton Town Hall: 14/09/2024
West Gippsland Arts Centre: 19/09/2024
Arts Centre Warburton: 09/11/2024

Presented by:

Bunk Puppets

Art Form:


Booking Details: 60 minutes, recommended ages 7+, adults encouraged.

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