Garage Girls

Alice Anderson and her All Girl Garage are coming to town!

Touring as part of the 2024 Touring Services Program

Meet Alice Anderson. Mechanic. Trailblazer. Entrepreneur. Part history, part farce, part who-done-it, Garage Girls shines a light on one remarkable young woman’s short but eventful life. Who was Alice Anderson? Why did she drive her baby Austin all the way to Alice Springs? Who were all those women, dressed in greasy dungarees… and don’t they look a little bit like men? 

Imagine… 1920’s Melbourne – the advent of the motorcar! Society reels from the aftermath of war and a second wave of Spanish flu wreaks havoc on the streets. Theatres buzz with vaudeville hacks and men with an eye for enterprise seize every opportunity to weasel wealth. Meanwhile, one small woman defies convention and makes her mark. 

Inspired by actual events and realised for theatre with a healthy dose of magic realism, breathtaking sound design and many colourful characters, played by five actors – Garage Girls is a rollicking ride celebrating a Victorian icon. 

Welcome to Miss Anderson’s All Girl Garage! 

Booking details for Presenters

Touring window: May, July 2024
Artform: Theatre
Ideal for: Recommended for audiences 16+ (contains adult themes) 

This play is on the VCE Drama Playlist Unit 3 2024. 

Venue Mainstage: Proscenium Theatre, Black Box, Studio, Town Hall  
*This production is great for Community Presenters

This show is also touring as a Radio Play which can be performed in any location, suitable for Community Presenters.  

Venue Radio Play: Community Centres/Halls, Old Garage, Car Museum, Gallery, Library Arts Spaces – this version of the show is highly flexible and can bring any inspired location to life   

Talk to us about bringing this show to your town.  

Booking details for Audiences

Venues and booking details to come soon, check back later.

About This Event

Presented by:

Three Birds Theatre & The Shift Theatre

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Booking Details: 80 minutes, recommended for audiences 16+ (contains adult themes)

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