Employment & Internships

Goat Gallery Exhibition Launch by Pia Richardson

There is a high demand for employment and internship opportunities at Regional Arts Victoria. We encourage you to read through our application process carefully and contact us with any questions. We’d love to work with you.


Regional Arts Victoria is the peak body for regional artists and arts organisations across Victoria. As an independent, not-for-profit, membership-based organisation, we foster contemporary and innovative cultural practice across regional Victoria through long-term partnerships with artists, venues and across multiple portfolios and levels of government. 

Please check back here for employment opportunities.

There are currently no internship opportunities.


Our Internship Program offers short-term, targeted opportunities to gain valuable arts industry experience in a hands-on environment among a diversity of peers. This is a unique opportunity to develop new skills alongside a team of experts dedicated to inspiring art across the state.

The principal purpose of our Internship Program is to provide the Intern with hands-on work experience within a structured learning environment. All Regional Arts Victoria Interns undergo a program of observation and exposure across our organisation including Education & Families, Cultural Partnerships, Performing Arts Touring and State-Wide Projects (including Small Town Transformations). A Position Description has been provided as a guide only, offering applicants an insight into the type of experience which will be gained during this internship. Regional Arts Victoria will work closely with the successful applicant to ensure that the Internship Program is of benefit to them.

Our Internship Program has been developed in accordance with the guidelines offered by the Fair Work Ombudsman

For every internship, Regional Arts Victoria makes sure that supervision and support is strong. This means that we are unable to accommodate unsolicited requests for internship placements.

Regional Arts Victoria encourages high school, TAFE and other students with work experience requirements to seek placements in creative organisations across the state. Please see our Members section to find organisations near you.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accommodate work experience students as our staff work remotely throughout the state.

Regional Arts Victoria encourages volunteers who would like to contribute to the work of creative organisations across the state to reach out to our Members. Almost 200 regional Victorian arts organisations make up our membership. They run arts festivals, music and literary events, galleries and many other creative programs and are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers.

Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to accommodate volunteers at Regional Arts Victoria currently as our staff work remotely throughout the state.

Image: Goat Gallery Exhibition Launch by Pia Richardson