Student Voices activated in Ovens Murray

Regional Arts Victoria, in partnership with Department of Education and Training, have been activating a chorus of student voices across the Ovens Murray, Alpine, Towong and Gippsland regions through Student Voice for Recovery

Here’s an insight into what our Creative Workers and students have co-created since Term 2, 2022: 

Aimee Chan – Bethanga Primary School 

Writer Aimee Chan has been spending time with the Year 3 to 6 class at Bethanga Primary School working on different forms of storytelling. This has allowed the class to explore a variety of different creative forms including writing, podcasting, collage, videography, music, dance, and illustration. Aimee also took the class on an excursion to Wodonga’s new gallery Hyphen where they were lucky enough to meet artist Alison Percy. The class has interacted with multiple other professional creatives as part of the outreach including author Peter Klein, Paralympian Eliza Ault-Connell and literary legend Graeme Base. The sessions were also an opportunity for Aimee to launch her new book, Peg Leg Pedicure, at the school and interviews with some of the students were featured on Prime 7 News.  

Kylie Biltris  – Tallangatta Secondary College and Talgarno Primary School 

Tallangatta Secondary College 

Term 2 has seen Kylie engage with students at Tallangatta Secondary College to determine the concepts, creative pursuits and passions they wish to explore. The idea of a “cabinet of curiosity,”, taking up the end wall of the library, will exhibit the many artworks and 3D pieces created during the residency. As well as a creative program it is also a chance for liked minded students to connect and share conversations and ideas during this time.   

 Talgarno Primary School 

All 30 students at Talgarno Primary school have spent time with Kylie to determine the project they would like to pursue.  After walking around the school the students decided they wanted to create a reflective and calm space in the playground.  Everyone has been busy designing the area and working to create mosaic stepping stones, and a mosaic table with upturned logs for seats.  Next will be choosing plants and helping to landscape. It is shaping up to be a magical space. 

Susie Losch – Dederang Primary School 

Susie Losch is working with the students of Dederang Primary School to co-create with Teasels (Dipsacus sativas) removed from original metal frames once used to card wool on an industrial scale. The Teasels have been used as a starting point for the small creatives to attach found objects using colored treads.  As the Teasels behave like a natural Velcro, no knots or glue are required.  The young creatives begin their own journey on developing an abstract forms, delving into the unknown, sometimes frustrated, and other times totally surprised at the outcome.  

Pinky Wittingslow – Tawonga Primary School 

The young artists at Tawonga PS have been exploring their connection to place. Currently, the young artists are working in pairs to create ephemeral artworks in the playground which continued to evolve during the installation period. Many of the artists commented on how they enjoyed being outside in the sunshine and that it was fun hunting for just the right materials they needed for their idea. Several Artists made observations on the state of their natural materials and reflected on the changing of the seasons. They found acorns that had begun to sprout which triggered conversations on the coming of spring and how such a tiny seed can grow such huge trees leading back into the ephemeral nature of life.  

Karen Jones and Kylie Ahne (The Crackpots) – Harrietville Primary School 

Karen Jones and Kylie Ahne (AKA The Crackpots) have been based at Harrietville Primary School.  All 35 students from Foundation to Grade 6 have been involved in developing mosaic skills and brainstorming ideas for a possible larger mosaic project at the school. The final concept is based around the four seasons – students have designed people along with a representation of each season which will adorn four seats, topped with timber slats made by handy family members.  The seats will be situated at the entrance to the school inside the playground- a gathering spot for not only students at breaks, but for families delivering and collecting children. 

Alison Plasto – Corryong College 

The students at Corryong College have commenced an intensive 2 week project with Alison Plasto (Alison Plasto (shooting director) who has worked on titles such as Wentworth, SeaChange, and most recently Hunted on Network 10), exploring storytelling and character development around themes of vulnerability, relationships and trust.  The class have been analysing different films, TV shows, and scripts to unpack the ways in which scenes are put together, and Nick Steain (actor/writer) also assisted the students develop their character building skills even further through drama improv games. The students will create a pitch to the school and have the chance to film the finished product later in Term 3.  

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