Stewart Spectrum

Drawing inspiration from life and the world around him, Stewart Spectrum has created and launched his latest range of abstract expressionism pieces.

"I was always madly in love with abstract expressionism even before I knew what it was called, something about splatter painting and non-realistic images really caught my eye. I love seeing shapes and faces within blurred or smudged images and I love the imperfections and rawness in the art, rather than something that is perfect and clean."

Self-taught, Stewart’s latest collection is made up of six series, including street art, splatter, smudging and cubism.

He works in various mediums, often with spray paints (typically acrylic and oil-based), as well as resins, oils and plasters. While most of Stewart’s work is on canvas, he has worked with wood, furniture and clothing.

2016 saw Stewart pack up his life in the city and move to Daylesford and is continuously inspired by the beautiful nature that surrounds him.  As well as painting, Stewart is an avid photographer, sculptor and musician.

Stewart Spectrum offers a range of art, commissioned works, consulting services and splatter art workshops.

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Art Form: Visual Arts

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