Sharon Pappas

My grandfather, an oil painter, taught and encouraged me, and his beautiful landscapes inspired me to paint. A personal tragedy in my late twenties, however, caused me to stop painting and focus on other aspects of my life. During this time, I expressed my creativity in other ways – mainly photography and fashion design. During the pandemic, I moved to the beautiful country town of Lancefield and finding peace in my soul, I began painting again. Inspired by the natural beauty, my creativity has flourished, and I take every opportunity to learn and grow as an artist. Re-discovering oil painting in March 2022 was an awakening for me. Not only did I want to make art my career, but I wanted to devote myself to becoming the best artist I could be. I am influenced by the modern Impressionist approach, bright, bold, and capturing the play of light. For me, exploring the interplay of light with the subject is the most exciting part of creating art. I work exclusively from my own photographs giving me creative control from the beginning of the artistic process. I use thick brush strokes and work quickly with wet layers to achieve a lush textured appearance that brings my subject to life.
Sharon Pappas Artist

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Member Type: Individual
Location: Lancefield
Art Form: Visual Arts