Scrub Hill 1869

SCRUB HILL, a district of rich farmland amongst picturesque volcanic hills, halfway between Daylesford and Ballarat in Victoria.  In 1869 the locals commissioned a Bluestone Church forming the heart of the community until 2015.  

Fronting Scrub Hill on 1.25 acres, an old Himalayan Cedar tree shades a quadrangle flanked by the Bluestone Church and Sunday School (original Dean church c1879), evoking an English countryside ambiance.

To the west a backdrop of 40 year old pine trees and an elm tree garden where you can wander and watch the sunset and birdlife around the neighbouring farm dam.

Fully restored to highlight the Bluestone Church’s original features.  The green diamond leadlight windows shine in the afternoon sun, glowing against the walnut ceiling beams and the baltic pine floor.  Hydronic heating and NBN are the modern comforts of a venue ready for your imagination.

Inside the Sunday School you can feel the history, timber tongue and groove paneled walls and ceiling – left as it was over 130 years ago. Hydronic heating and an adjoining modern kitchen – perfect for a casual luncheon or dance.

The ‘divine waters of Scrub Hill’ spring from our deep bore providing pure drinking water and ensure Scrub Hill is a year round green oasis.

Our aim is to retain the link with the community and introduce a diversity of uses to create a rich and viable future for the property.  SCRUB HILL perfectly accommodates celebrations and events, be it your wedding, special lunch, performance, business workshop, photoshoot or catwalk.


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