Radical Fields

How we experience culture is changing around the world. In 2023 a new artistic model was explored, cultivated in collective connectivity, knowledge sharing and collaboration. Our hunger for face to face interactions, for the freedom to experiment and take risks was nourished by the regional arts and cultural program, Radical Fields.

Radical Fields is a socially engaged contemporary arts and cultural program based on Dja Dja Wurrung land in Glenlyon Vic. Grown from the need to establish a more vibrant and engaging arts culture in Hepburn Shire one that enriches rural culture and provides artists with paid opportunities to connect with audiences. Radical Fields aims to affect the establishment, growth, composition, health, and quality of regional arts ecology through the ‘serious play’ of artistic processes and participatory artworks on a sustainable basis.

Radical Fields’ six month program, October - March, aligns itself with agricultural practices developing artists and community projects throughout our creative season culminating with our annual Harvest. This one day flagship event brings together our artists and community projects along with cultural groups and businesses in an expanded field on a privately owned 100 acre working farm including paddocks, bushlands and a waterfall.

Radical Fields Seasonal Program directly engages all aspects of regional life from agriculture, native landscapes, everyday rural living, science, sport and wellbeing with monthly artists talks and artistic happenings at the Glenlyon Village Market. These regular creative offerings produce our community art works while connecting the community with our artists’ projects. Radical Fields monthly publications provide regional knowledge holders to further our curatorial ideas and empower our community through the sharing of ideas.

Radical Fields Harvest is a celebration of the season’s creative outcomes bringing together our associated artists, cultural groups, regional producers and our creative partnerships for this large-scale celebration of art and culture. Creating space for risk taking, shared values and innovation through inclusive and unique immersive experiences.

Founded in 2023 by Glenlyon artist and curator, Ryan F Kennedy, Radical Fields Inc is a non-for profit association with a team of experienced artists, art manager and tourism strategist. Radical Fields’ team works collaboratively with regional producers, landholders and businesses to give new customers a unique experience with our creative partners and their support. Previous partners include Haymes Paint, Daylesford Crossfit and Glenlyon Progress Association.

About Our Member

Member Type: Group
Art Form: Talks/Lectures, Community Arts, Festival, Multi Art-form, Film, Music, Other, Visual Arts, Spoken Word, Sound Art, New Media, Textiles, Sculpture, Writing & Publishing