Lisa Hunter

Prior to moving to 15 acres of bushland in 2012, writing was both my profession and my creative expression. Living in bushland led to a shift in my creative expression to include visual art. 


I write poetry, personal essay and other forms of non-fiction.  My poetry often includes the interplay between text and image.  By profession, I am an instructional design writer.

Visual Art

Photography is always the beginning of my visual artwork, as I capture the colours and textures of the bush. From there, an image may remain as a photograph, become digital art or progress to a fabric design.

The flowers which inspire my digital art grow on our property, just half an hour out of Ballarat. We are fortunate to have 15 acres of natural bushland. Year round, it is resplendent with wild flowers—some of them so tiny. The beauty is often in the detail, and I enjoy discovering their unique qualities.


About Our Member

Member Type: individual
Location: Dereel
Art Form: Literature

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