Lenni Morkel-Kingsbury

Lenni is a visual artist in regional Victoria, Australia. She makes handcrafted objects to share stories. Positioned somewhere between adornment, object and the performative, her work explores the concept of memory and the performative nature of self and identity.

Lenni works with metal, fabric, fibre, paper, text, photographs and other collected and kept items and exquisite, handcrafted materials. Her approach to making encompasses a wide range of techniques and processes including: sculpting, metalwork, sewing, felting, crocheting, weaving, drawing and performance.

Lenni's talents and skills extend to enabling and empowering others through creativity, story-telling, collaboration,  education  and safe and fun creative activity.   Lenni's work is motivated by authenticity, empathy, honesty, the satisfaction of empowering, connecting and collaborating with others to transform ideas into quality outcomes/solutions/products/experiences. She aims to affect positive transformation in people’s lives, the environment and communities that we live in.

Lenni has  extensive experience ( 16 years +) in project management/management in visual art, health and education, in online course/ learning design and as a practicing visual artist.

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Lenni's website: https://www.lennimk.com.au/

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