Julie Andrews

I work in a variety of mediums, painting, drawing, collage, glass, ceramics, installation, video, textiles, photography, assemblage and whatever best serves the underpinning concept and its context. As a multimedia artist, the concept and the site drive my ideas and I respond directly to the surrounding environment and everyday experiences, embedded in time and memory. My work, generally large in scale, is subtle in its approach and sits on the edge of recognition and alienation. This manifests itself in the work as obscured layers, blurred lines, and gestural marks, creating a liminal space in which fiction and reality meet, meaning shifts and paradox resides. It is in the relationship between the physical process of making art and the materials and techniques I use, that I encounter the deeper currents of the work. I want my work to make a difference, as a whisper to the unconscious of possibilities otherwise unnoticed. My practice explores inclusivity and accessibility, whilst attempting to make the invisible visible, the unspoken heard and the lost or forgotten revealed.

Images (two) of The Artist in Transit Project © Bendigo Magazine Spring 2014
Image of young boy leaning over art on pavement © Rebecca Mae 2014
Overhead image of Julie working on art © Rebecca Mae 2014

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Member Type: individual
Location: Bendigo
Art Form: Visual Arts

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