Chameleon Arts Collective Inc

Local Balmoral artists founded Chameleon Arts Collective Incorporated in 2003 as a not for profit organisation.

Chameleon Arts Collective aims to:

Raise the profile of the arts in the Western District of Victoria.

Inspire participation in the creative process and production of artwork.

Influence the health of the community by creatively energising our people and adding vitality to our society.

Encourage networks between artists, art lovers, and the wider community.

Encourage community, business and government to support the growth and public appreciation of local artists and their work.

The objectives of Chameleon Arts Collective are to:

Present arts events, social gatherings and exhibitions that respond to the interests and needs of all age groups, cultures and demographics. 

Present appropriately scaled events that connect to a larger reality.

Keep members informed of upcoming arts events, local art news, opportunities and exhibitions.

Develop and strengthen networks with media, government and promotional agencies.

Develop sponsorship opportunities.



P: 0400 191 610


About Our Member

Member Type: group
Location: Balmoral
Art Form: Children's Theatre

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