Art Connect South Gippsland

Art Connect South Gippsland stands as a vibrant nucleus, nurturing creativity and fostering an inclusive space for artists at every stage of their journey. A platform to celebrate , encourage and champion art in South Gippsland . This community initiative has evolved into a thriving hub where individuals converge to explore , learn and collaborate . The essence of Art Connect South Gippsland lies in its inclusive ethos, welcoming evolving and established artists alike . For evolving artists, it to push boundaries and unearth their unique voice. Meanwhile established artists find supportive environment to showcase their work and artistic statements.

At the heart of Art Connect South Gippsland is the spirit of collaboration and networking . Here individuals come together to create, mentor, share feedback, promote ,facilitate and learn from one another . Art Connect South Gippsland actively facilitates and organise events providing a platform for artists to showcase their talent and engage with the wider audience .

About Our Member

Member Type: Group
Art Form: Photography, Community Arts, Festival, Multi Art-form, Other, Visual Arts, Theatre, Craft, Sculpture

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